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Solar Fountains: The affordable and beautiful water features that will not hurt your wallet

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Having a relaxing session in your outdoor living space is one of the most comfortable ways to calm your mind. However, for it to be successful, there are some small but important investments you might want to make. Part of every homeowner’s dream is to have a wonderful patio or garden. Some of the best ways to make an outdoor living place look gorgeous is by placing a lovely outdoor fountain in it. Solar fountains give your patio or garden an elegant look. Moreover, having a solar water feature is not only visually appealing but it will not hurt your wallet too.

What is a solar fountain?

A solar fountain is a water feature that is powered by the Sun. It features a solar panel that includes many photovoltaic cells (solar cells). The photovoltaic cells absorb the energy from the sunlight when the solar panel is exposed to sunlight. That way, the solar cells convert the sunlight energy into electrical energy to power the fountain’s pump.

The Kenroy Home Classic Outdoor Floor Solar Fountain - outdoor solar fountains
The Classic Kenroy Solar Floor Fountain. You can find this elegant solar fountain at amazon.com.

Where can you place it?

The placement of a solar fountain is quite important. However, you can place them almost anywhere. A big advantage of the solar fountains is that you do not have to plug them to a power outlet. Which means that if you want to place them in your garden, then you will not have to run a waterproof power line underground through your garden or hire an electrician. These fountains have a solar panel that has to be under direct sunlight to absorb and convert it to energy. So, all you have to do is to choose locations with lots of sun to place them.

The good thing about these water features is that they are portable by design. Changing locations of these fountains will not require much effort on your part. In addition, a solar fountain has little to none operational costs. It uses solar energy which is an alternative energy. It is good for the environment and your wallet.

The Smart Solar 23471M01 Marin Fountain - tabletop outdoor solar fountains
The Smart Solar 23471M01 Marin Fountain. A gorgeous solar fountain that includes a separate solar panel. Check amazon.com for more information.

Types of solar fountains

There are many types of solar powered fountains. Many of them are solar fountains with battery backup which is nice to have. Also, some of them can be connected to a power outlet which is also convenient if you want to use them during the night. Additionally, some models feature separate solar panels. The most common types of solar fountains are:

Solar fountain pumps

These are sold as solar fountain kits which include solar water pumps for fountains and separate solar panels. Among these solar fountain kits you can find solar powered pool pumps, solar pond pumps and other specialized floating solar fountains.

Solar floor fountains

These water features are large fountains and they are the most common ones other than the floating solar fountain kits.

Solar bird bath fountains

The solar powered bird bath fountains are outdoor water features that will keep your feathered friends happy.

Solar pool fountains and solar pond fountains

Most of these solar powered water features are floating ones. Typically, these fountains are larger than other solar floating fountains.

Solar wall fountains

If you have an empty wall that looks too plain on your garden or patio you can decorate it with a solar water feature. The most convenient solar wall fountains have a separate solar panel.

Solar tabletop fountains

These solar water features are small solar fountains for tables or desks. They are lightweight and portable.

The popular designs and styles of solar fountains

Urn or bowl of the cascading style and tiered are very popular solar water features. For example, a hefty amount of solar fountains on the market are 2 or 3 tier solar water fountains. Solar waterfalls and modern solar water features are well liked too. Another popular style are solar rock fountains. Zen and solar Buddha fountains are also popular. A solar fountain with lights looks beautiful at night. That is if the fountain comes with a rechargeable battery.

Sunnydaze Angel Falls Solar Water Fountain with Battery Backup LED Light - outdoor solar fountains
The beautiful Angel Falls Solar Water Fountain with Battery Backup and LED Light from Sunnydaze. You can find it at amazon.com.

What else to consider when choosing the best solar fountain

Solar fountains need direct sunlight to operate

This means that they must be placed under direct sunlight. Also, they will not operate at night. However, there are few solar water features with separate solar panels and a rechargeable battery. In addition, some of them can be connected to a power outlet. Unfortunately, these are more expensive.

The main materials of solar fountains

Typically, most of the solar fountains are made from resin that imitates the expensive looks of stones. Other common materials for solar fountains are bamboo and ceramic

Where to buy solar fountains

If you plan to buy from online retailers then you can look at amazon.com ‘s huge collection of solar fountains. At amazon you can find many solar powered fountains to make your beautiful outdoor space more pleasant.

Solar water features care

Typically, almost all fountains on the market come with an instruction manual where you can find the assembly instructions and maintenance tips. We strongly recommend you to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for your solar fountain. Other than that, you have to clean the photovoltaic panel’s surface, make sure that the fountain’s pump is completely submerged under water and replace the water when it gets muddy. Oh, …and don’t leave your solar fountains outside in Winter.

In summary

Solar fountains use sunlight as a power source. They are portable and easy to store. Like most outdoor fountains, they are nice additions for any outdoor space. In our opinion, the most versatile option is a solar fountain with battery backup. Generally, all you have to do to keep your solar water feature working is to clean it, replace its water with fresh water and place it in sunny locations. These solar water features are stylish decorations that will make your garden, porch or patio more pleasant and inviting.

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