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Outdoor Floor Fountains – One of the best ways to upgrade outdoor spaces

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Looking for a gorgeous outdoor fountain for your patio? Certain water features make some stand above the rest. Outdoor floor fountains will make your outdoor spaces more pleasant and inviting.

With the pandemic still ongoing and lockdowns becoming more mainstream, people are spending more time in their garden or patios. As the weather gets better and better, people want to enjoy fine weather in their outdoor living spaces. If, like us, you are a person that truly enjoys your deck or any other outdoor space, then your ultimate goal is to shop for the top of the line products, like outdoor fountains, to improve them and make them more joyful and pleasant. The outdoor floor water features are stylish decorations that will blend seamlessly to any of your outdoor spaces and make them more attractive.

What are outdoor floor fountains?

The outdoor floor fountains, also known as free standing fountains, are garden water features that do not need any kind of stand to install them. Also, they do not need to be mounted on a wall or hanged on a fence. The floor fountains are one of the most common outdoor water features you will see in backyards, gardens or patios. They look beautiful in gardens, they are a great way to upgrade the design of your backyard and they can be elegant landscaping pieces of art for your patio or lawn.

Ravenna Italian 43 inches High outdoor floor fountains by John Timberland
The Ravenna Italian 43 inches high Fountain from John Timberland. You can find this beautiful tiered and cascade fountain at amazon.com.

Types of outdoor floor fountains

Generally, on the market you will find many outdoor standing fountains that need to be connected to a power outlet to function. However, there are also floor solar fountains which are more convenient to use. Some of these outdoor floor water features have lights and look impressive during night. The most common types of this kind of outdoor fountains are:

1. Free standing waterfalls
The floor fountains are the most common waterfall fountain type you will find. From cascading and tiered fountains to modern mirror waterfall fountains, most of them are standing fountains.

2. Free standing wall fountains
Unlike most outdoor wall fountains, the free standing wall fountains do not have to be mounted or hung on a wall. Typically, they are larger and heavier than their wall-mounted counterparts.

3. Standing Bird bath fountains
If you enjoy the company of small birds, then this kind of outdoor water feature is the best for you. Additionally, standing bird bath fountains are great for your neighborhood’s birds.

Styles and designs of outdoor floor fountains

Do you need an extremely beautiful and delicate option that will look great in your patio, deck or garden? The floor type of outdoor fountains is perfect and can carry out the task.  Typically, the most eye pleasing shapes and styles of floor fountains for outdoor spaces are column and tiered. However, you will find a plethora of other shapes, including barrel, sphere, sculptural and Urn outdoor fountains.

Outdoor free standing water features are available in a wide range of designs, including rustic fountains, Buddha outdoor fountains, coastal, farmhouse, contemporary and modern outdoor fountains. Also, traditional and classic fountains like the Greek or Mediterranean are very common because they have a timeless aesthetic design that withstands the test of time and changes in trends.

The materials of freestanding fountains

Ceramic and resin are the most used materials for budget friendly floor fountains for outdoor use. Typically, expensive outdoor floor fountains are made of glass, natural stone, clay, metal, fiberglass, bamboo and cast stone, concrete or cement.

The colors of outdoor floor standing fountains

The freestanding fountains for outdoor use come in various colors such as brown, white, beige, red, yellow, ivory, green, blue, gold and silver, giving you a range of options. However, the most common colors of these outdoor floor water features are black and gray,

20221R01 Smart solar bird bath fountain - Solar Bird Bath Fountains and outdoor floor fountains by Smart Solar
The nice looking Argus Peacock solar bird bath fountain from Smart Solar. Find more like this at amazon.com.

Where can I buy outdoor floor fountains?

Typically, you can find many affordable fountains on online retailers. For instance, amazon.com has a plethora of premium outdoor floor fountains. At Amazon’s huge collection you can find almost every color, shape and design of free standing fountains.

In summary

You certainly can’t get wrong by shopping for an outdoor floor fountain for your favorite patio or any other outdoor living space. The freestanding water features are beautiful decorative accessories. There are a variety of colors, materials, designs and styles to choose from. Therefore, if you need to add a wonderful piece of outdoor decor that can create a relaxing atmosphere to your patio or garden settings, a garden free standing fountain is a great option.

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