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If you are lucky enough to live in a home with outdoor living spaces, chances are that you spend a lot of time in them. Just a handful of Outdoor Patio Furniture additions can go a long way toward transforming your garden or patio into the ultimate relaxation and enjoyment-worthy space.

For homeowners, sometimes there is nothing better to recharge their batteries than spend some time in their outdoor spaces, relaxing. Or, perhaps you want to spend some quality time in your property with your family or hang out with your friends while connecting with nature. Normally, spaces like patios, decks and gardens are a source of enjoyment when the weather permits. Once the warm weather sets in, we find it impossibly hard to stay out of our comfortable patios, garden areas and porches. They are our safe havens on hot days.

No matter what the reason is for spending a lot of time in your patio or garden, there are ways to make sure your outdoor living spaces are the absolute best – and the most comfortable, too. If, like us, you are a person that enjoys your patio or outdoor space, then it is time to give your outdoor living spaces a makeover with outdoor & patio furniture.

Popular Outdoor & Patio Furniture

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Benefits of outdoor patio furniture

Buying new patio furniture or replacing your old ones is always an opportunity to refresh your outdoor living spaces. In addition, having patio furniture is always a good excuse to spend some time outdoors. This way you will get fresh air and the necessary amounts of vitamin D which are vital to your physical and mental health. Moreover, you come in touch with nature which might reduce stress.

Another benefit is that the outdoor spaces with patio furniture are more inviting. When combined with a beautiful outdoor water feature, outdoor & patio furniture can improve the aesthetics of your garden, porch or patio. These furnishings can help you make a joyful and comfortable place to spend many hours – day and night – with your family or friends.

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The most common types of outdoor patio furniture

There are many different generic types of outdoor & patio furniture that you can use in your garden, porch, patio or deck. Almost all of them are patio seating furniture. The exceptions to this rule are the patio tables and some furniture sets that feature tables.

The popular colors of outdoor patio furniture

Typically, the best frame primary finish colors of patio furniture are the ones that blend better to your outdoor space. The most popular are brown, gray, black and white. Generally, the hazy and soft colors are calming colors. They are more suitable for any space where you want to create a more relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. On the contrary, the vivid and bright colors are exciting and stimulating. Moreover, they might contribute to the creation of energy for your space.

The best outdoor furniture materials for frame

Typically the materials used to make outdoor & patio furniture are plastic, wood and metal. Often, they pair together to make the perfect combination of the furniture’s frame.

Wood (Rattan, Teak , Acacia)

Wooden outdoor furniture is the classic choice because It is always in fashion and has a natural beauty. It is vulnerable to moisture, sunlight (UV rays) and scratches by sharp objects. However, it can be repaired if damaged. Also, it will last long if it is properly maintained. When it comes to patio furniture the most popular choices are rattan and teak outdoor furniture . The teak wood is resistant to fungal decay and warping. The rattan outdoor furniture is very popular because it is the main material used to make quality wicker furniture. Also, rattan as a material is durable, lightweight and flexible. Another good choice, especially for tight budgets, is acacia wood outdoor furniture.

Metal (Aluminum, Cast Iron, Wrought Iron)

Generally, metal is durable. Patio furniture made of metal can last for decades if it is properly cared for. Metal outdoor furniture is easier to clean than wooden outdoor furniture. The main disadvantage of metal when it is used for outdoor furniture is that it gets hot from sun exposure and retains heat. The most common metal outdoor furniture is made of aluminum or iron (cast iron and wrought iron).

Typically, aluminum patio furniture offers resistance to humidity and corrosion. Also, it is lightweight and portable. However, for the same reasons it should not be your first choice if you live in windy areas. On the flip side, wrought iron patio furniture is very heavy and can easily rust if it doesn’t have a protective finish or coating. Electroplated and powder are good hydrophobic coatings that protect metal furniture against rust. Check our guide on the best cast aluminum patio furniture!

Plastic (Plastic, Polywood, Resin Wicker)

Plastic patio furniture, generally, is water and UV resistant. In addition, it is lightweight and portable for outdoors. Polywood and resin wicker are the most common types of this kind of patio furniture. Resin wicker patio furniture is made mainly of synthetic PE. Polywood outdoor furniture, despite its name, is made of HDPE (high-density polyethylene) plastic. It is weather resistant and is known for its durability.

What else to consider when choosing the best patio furniture

When buying the best patio furniture or choosing a one that fits your budget, there are some considerations that you should also take into account before making the final choice.

Outdoor patio furniture cost

Cost is a major factor when choosing a new patio furniture. Many people are concerned only with the price of acquisition. However, you should consider the durability of the furniture too. For instance, a piece of furniture that costs 100 dollars and is meant to last ten years is not as cost effective as one that costs $150 and will last over 15 years. Also, you should double-think before shopping for plastic furniture that has a price that is out of this world.  Most of the times, these furnishings are made from cheap plastics and will not last long.


The weight of the furniture is a critical factor you should consider before buying one for your outdoor living spaces. You want your patio furniture to be somehow portable but not too lightweight. Generally, patio furniture like chairs and tables should be portable. For example, one of our editors has some wooden outdoor chairs for his porch. When the night comes, she stores them indoors. On the flip side, the lightweight furniture is not suitable for windy locations. Moreover, securing lightweight furnishings with added weight probably will cost you more and will make them less portable.


Before buying furniture for your patio or garden, it is very important to measure your space’s size. You have to make sure that your new furniture will fit your outdoor living space. When it comes to patio seating you have to make sure that the furniture has enough height, width and depth to support the user comfortably.

Weight capacity

Weight Capacity and load capacity are about how much weight the furniture can support before it collapses. As a general rule you should divide the advertised weight by 2. For example, if the advertised weight capacity of a patio chair is 400 pounds then it might not hold up comfortably and safely for a person that weighs over 200 pounds.

Outdoor patio furniture styles

There are many different styles of outdoor & patio furniture. You can choose a style that will follow your patio, deck or porch style or you can mix and match: It is all about your personal preference. The most popular styles are:

  • modern
  • farmhouse
  • coastal
  • wicker
  • classic

In summary

With so many different types of patio furniture, choosing the right one for your needs can be a real challenge. Buying a quality piece of furniture for your outdoor living space is an investment and should be handled carefully. Be sure to fully check out all the specifications and features. Make sure that it has the right dimensions and weight and do not get scared off by its initial cost. Patio furnishings are decorative and functional assets that are well worth the investment. They will provide functionality and transform your patio, porch or deck into comfortable spaces.

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