Outdoor Bird Bath Fountains and birds

Bird bath Fountains – what you need to know about the Best for your garden or patio

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Spending time in our garden or patio and relaxing is an essential part of our life. An elegant water feature like an outdoor fountain is a great addition for a garden or patio. However, bird bath fountains are even better for the folks who like watching birds! If you enjoy watching small birds and want to have an eye-catching element that improves your outdoor living space then there is no doubt that you will love an outdoor bird bath fountain.

Choosing a birdbath fountain can be overwhelming if you are a new birding enthusiast. One commonly asked question by newbies is the difference between bird bath fountains and birdbaths. While the two may sound and look similar, there are few differences you need to know. These differences have a common “ground”: The stagnant water.

What is a bird bath fountain?

It is a combination of bird bath and fountain. It is an enjoyable outdoor fountain for you and a necessary bird bath and drinking place for your neighborhood’s birds. Typically, the one or more bowls of an outdoor bird bath fountain is not deep. Like all outdoor fountains, a bird bath fountain is perfect for the space and feel of your patio, it will suit your deck very well and will look great in your garden or porch.

Alpine Corporation TZL202 Classic Brown Bird Bath Fountains
The gorgeous TZL202 Classic Brown Bird Bath Fountain by Alpine Corporation. Find more like this at amazon.com.

Birdbaths vs bird bath fountains

The common birdbath is a bowl or a stand like a pedestal with a bowl. Typically, an outdoor bird bath fountain is more complex and has more features. Generally, the main feature of an outdoor fountain is the running water. This is the case of bird bath fountains too. However, in the case of bird baths the water is not moving.

Stagnant water can be a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Unfortunately, there are many health risks associated with stagnant water. There is no doubt about that. Luckily, if you do not want to buy a bird bath fountain because you already have a bird bath you can upgrade it. These days, you will find on the market many birdbath models that their brands upgraded them to bird bath fountains. They managed to do that with a simple trick: They included a solar bird bath fountain pump.

How to keep mosquitoes out of bird bath?

Running water is essential to avoid most mosquitoes, there is no question about it. If you struggle to keep them away from your birdbath, maybe adding some necessary fountain parts like a pump can help. In order to make a fountain out of a bird bath you should at least install a pump.

A budget friendly way to stop attracting mosquitos is to install an aquatic pump. Another inexpensive way is to buy a mini solar fountain for bird bath and place it in your birdbath’s bowl. Birds will love it!

Benefits of outdoor bird bath fountains

A bird bath fountain comes with all the benefits of a fountain plus it will attract more birds. For instance, aesthetic benefits, stress reduction and improvement of outdoor decor and air quality.

Birds need food and harmful insects are included in the birds menu. In addition, to find more food birds will aerate the soil and distribute additional nutrients. If you have a bird bath fountain in your garden then the drinks and baths are on you.

combination of a Bird Bath and Solar Fountain - Bird Bath Fountains by VINGLI
A nice combination of a Bird Bath and Solar Fountain by VINGLI. You will find it at amazon.com.

Types of bird bath fountains

Outdoor birdbath fountains are available in a few types. When you are going to buy a bird bath fountain the first thing to consider is its power source.

1. Solar bird bath fountain

Solar bird bath fountains as their name suggests are outdoor bird bath fountains powered by solar energy. They convert solar energy into power. You can find some models of solar powered bird bath fountains on the market that have led lights. However, solar bird bath fountains with lights will attract insects like mosquitoes when the fountain’s pump will not have a power source.

2. Battery operated bird bath fountain

Generally, the most common problem of solar bird fountains is the absence of light. Without sunlight they are not able to operate. For instance, during night time the pump will not have power. Luckily, battery operated bird bath fountains overcome this problem.

3. Electric bird bath fountain

These outdoor birdbath fountains are the most common type of bird bath fountains. Like with most outdoor fountains, they have to connect them to a power outlet. If you plan to place it away from an outlet then you will have to bury a power line.

Alpine Corporation TEC106 Birdbath Floor Fountain
The Alpine Corporation TEC106 Birdbath Floor Fountain. A budget friendly option which you can buy from Amazon.

Outdoor bird bath fountains design

Birds need some space when they visit bird baths and bird bath fountains. For this reason there are only a few appropriate designs. The most common styles of outdoor bird bath fountains are:

  • Bowl fountains
  • Tiered fountains
  • Cascade fountains
  • Round fountains

Size of bird bath fountains

A large bird bath fountain is a perfect choice and a nice addition to any outdoor space. However, the bowl of the outdoor bird bath fountain for hummingbirds needs to be shallow enough for small birds to drink and bath safely. Another one consideration is their pump. Typically, large outdoor fountains have a strong pump which is not so quiet.

On the flip side, small bird bath fountains do not have to have a strong pump. This makes them a better choice if your local winged friends are small birds. In addition, small fountains for bird baths tend to be more adorable, they blend better in any outdoor living space and are portable.

Where to place a bird bath fountain?

A hummingbird bath fountain will be beautiful to look at on your patio. It will be gorgeous in your garden. Generally, it will add a touch of elegance to any outdoor space. However, the main purpose of an outdoor birdbath fountain is to provide a place where your feathered friends will take a bath or drink water. Especially, in the case that your neighborhood birds are not accustomed to human presence you should put the outdoor bird bath fountain in a location that is somehow quiet.

In our opinion, to attract birds to a bird bath fountain and to get birds to use a bird bath you should place your outdoor bird bath fountain near small trees and shrubs. It will provide a way for the winged creatures to escape if they feel threatened. In addition, it will blend perfectly with this natural environment and will look beautiful. Last but not least, this way your fountain will not be exposed constantly to sunlight because it will be partly in the shade.

However, the ground should be flat and even. If it is not, then you can use the appropriate garden hand tools to level it.

Maintenance for bird bath fountains

Like all outdoor fountains they do not last forever, but if you are good to your bird bath fountain it can last long. When you do maintenance to your electric bird bath fountain you have to make sure that it is unplugged. Make sure to always read the manual of your bird bath fountain before cleaning it or doing some other kind of maintenance.
A good practice is to periodically check the fountain’s water level. Moreover, check if the fountain’s pump is completely submerged under water.

How to keep algae out of bird bath fountains?

To keep algae out of a bird bath fountain you should avoid placing it under trees. Like in the case of other outdoor fountains, you have to replace its water often. Additionally, you should clean your bird bath fountain.

How to clean a bird bath fountain?

When you take care of your bird bath fountain you can enjoy its benefits for many years. In order to keep a bird bath fountain clean, you must remove the water, bird droppings, plant residues and algae. A classic way is to use white vinegar diluted to water and scrub away any stack debris or algae. In addition, you will have to clean the pump and other fountain parts.

Winter protection

Few bird bath fountains have a heating mechanism to prevent water from freezing. However, most do not have some kind of heating feature. To protect your outdoor bird bath fountain from winter and other chilling conditions you can use an appropriate fountain cover or, even better, bring your bird fountain inside – if it is portable.

In summary

The outdoor bird bath fountain is a nice combo of an outdoor fountain and a bird bath. A quality bird bath fountain will feature one or more shallow bowls big enough for your winged friends. Bird bath fountains are great decoration options to attract birds to your garden, patio or other outdoor living space. Getting the best bird bath fountain is an excellent decision as there are so many benefits that your feathered friends and you can reap from it.

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