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The 10 best outdoor wall fountain ideas for your garden, backyard or patio walls

Ready for a stunning outdoor wall water feature for your empty garden, patio or backyard wall? Let us help you choose the right style and show you some of the best outdoor wall fountain ideas. From classic Mediterranean to modern styles, there is a variety of outdoor wall fountain designs and styles to choose from. Most are good choices. But the ones you will find below are solid performers and are some of the best outdoor wall water features we consider our favorites.

About the best outdoor wall fountain ideas

We gathered the best outdoor wall fountains ideas that we found interesting. These outdoor wall fountain ideas include both common and unique designs and types of outdoor wall fountains. Sometimes, the best outdoor wall fountain designs are the simpler ones. For instance, an elegant outdoor wall fountain does not have to be fancy. Without further ado let’s see some great ideas of outdoor wall water features.

1. Classically inspired style

Classically inspired style Corsini Wall Fountain Campania International FT-171
The Corsini Wall Fountain from Campania International – Model ID: FT-171-AL

Sometimes a plain outdoor fountain is just what your standard wall needs. This water feature is an elegant outdoor cast stone wall fountain with a nice aged limestone finish. Cast stone is one of the best materials for outdoor fountains and other outdoor decor artistic items because it is durable and strong. However, it is a lot more expensive than resin.

This particular outdoor fountain has a steady stream sound type and a heavy splash that can be heard at a distance. It can be assembled very easily. However, it is a heavy fountain. You might need some help to install this wall fountain. Be sure to plan for it!

2. Cascading stone style

stone style Cascading outdoor Wall Fountain Alpine TZL284 - best outdoor wall fountain ideas
A Cascading outdoor Wall Fountain by Alpine – Model ID: TZL284

Most parts of this offer from Alpine are made of polyresin material. However, this outdoor wall water feature looks like a real stone waterfall fountain. Also, the design of this wall fountain is not only a cascading stone style but a tiered one too. It looks great during the night because it includes 10 white led lights.

3. Pots style

Pots style Terracotta Vases Outdoor Wall Fountain Harmony Fountains HF-W010
The Mayan Terracotta Vases Outdoor Wall Fountain by Harmony Fountains – Model ID: HF-W010
The pots style of this outdoor water feature makes it a standout in the world of outdoor wall fountains. Unlike most outdoor wall water features, it has horizontal orientation. This colorful pots wall fountain is made of resin, it is lightweight. Additionally, you can hang it on a wall without any hassles.

4. Contemporary metallic style

The Vale outdoor wall fountain by Kenroy Home – Model ID: 51055ORB

This outdoor water feature is a nice metal mirror wall fountain with a contemporary style charm. The fountain body is painted steel in oil rubbed bronze finish with a tempered copper toned mirror that adds a contemporary metallic style. The Vale outdoor wall fountain by Kenroy Home includes decorative river stones and a LED light installed inside the top of the fountain.

5. Lion head Greek/Roman style

Greek Roman style outdoor lion head wall fountain Teamson Design VFD8433 - best ideas
The outdoor lion head wall fountain by Teamson Design – Model ID: VFD8433

The Greek or Mediterranean outdoor wall fountain designs are our favorites. The outdoor lion head wall fountain is one of those. You will never get bored with this beautiful outdoor wall fountain design and there is a reason for it. This design has been continuously used for thousands of years. This fountain model from Teamson Design is a small and lightweight outdoor lion head fountain for walls. It is made of polyresin which is a lightweight material. This outdoor lion head wall fountain includes LED lights and looks beautiful at night.

6. Combination of modern and antique styles

The ancient outdoor wall waterfall fountain by Sunnydaze – Model ID: XCA-13283

Contrary to the Sunnydaze brand claims, there isn’t any ancient aesthetic in this outdoor wall fountain. However, this outdoor wall waterfall fountain has a style that is a very nice blend of modern and old-fashioned antique styles that we like. It has a clever design and it is made of polyresin. In addition, it is lightweight and easy to hang on walls.

7. Rustic style

Rustic style Ibizi outdoor wall water fountain with light LED John Timberland CF17155
The Ibizi rustic outdoor wall water fountain with light LED by John Timberland – Model ID: CF171559-A66

What is really cool about this pretty fountain is its design. In our opinion, it has the right style and colors to blend in every outdoor wall of your property. This charming outdoor wall fountain is crafted of resin. In addition, it has a nice faux stone and scroll iron finish.

8. Modern outdoor wall fountain ideas

Modern Adagio Water Features whispering creek wall fountain antique black featherstone WCS35
The Adagio Water Features whispering creek wall fountain with antique bronze trim, square edges and natural black featherstone – Model ID: WCS35

This model has a huge title and there is a reason for this. The “Whispering Creek Wall Fountain” from Adagio Water Features is a collection that includes various different trim and surface material options. For instance, surface materials include natural stones like rainforest green or brown marble, green or black featherstone, green or multicolor slate, various Travertine stones like piano travertine and many others. As for the trims, there are round or square trims from stainless steel to antique bronze and rustic copper available. All of them come with lighting and polished river pebbles.

This marvelous outdoor fountain has a frame that is steel with a powder coat antique bronze trim finish. Moreover, the body surface material is natural black featherstone. We like the color of the natural black featherstone. What’s more, this natural stone is not as heavy as the other natural stone materials that are offered as alternatives by the brand.

9. Mediterranean cascade design with floral detail

Mediterranean cascade design with floral detail San Pablo fountain Kenroy Home 51011PLBZ
The San Pablo fountain by Kenroy Home – Model ID: 51011PLBZ
We already mentioned that we adore the Mediterranean style of outdoor fountains. This outdoor wall fountain idea has a classic-inspired design. For example, under the basin at the bottom of this water feature there is a column (reversed acroterion). Another nice design detail of this outdoor hanging wall fountain is the flower that spreads out from the spigot. This outdoor water feature is made of resin and has a nice plum bronze finish.

10. The Byzantine touch

Byzantine style Byzantine outdoor wall fountain by Harmony Fountains HF-W008-B - best ideas
The Byzantine outdoor wall fountain by Harmony Fountains – Model ID: HF-W008-B

If you read our article about the history of fountains you will find out that Byzantine style is an authentic direct descendant of ancient Greek and Hellenistic/Roman style. This is not a mistake since the proper name of “Byzantine” empire was Roman or East Roman empire and the heart of this empire were Greek people. The same applies to the fountain style. This charming outdoor wall water feature is made of resin. It has a nice traditional style with an artistic double-diamond design.

FAQ about outdoor wall fountain ideas

What is an outdoor wall fountain?

The outdoor wall fountain is an outdoor fountain that you can hang on a wall or place it against a wall or other sturdy surface. This decorative accessory can be a great addition to your porch, garden or backyard walls.

What are outdoor wall fountain ideas?

The ideas of outdoor wall fountains are their styles and designs. In this article we included some of the most common styles of outdoor wall water features. In addition, we mentioned some unique and intriguing wall fountain styles that we like.

Which is the best location to place outdoor wall water features?

You can place them on a wall or against a wall or other sturdy surface. Typically, the location will be in your property’s outdoor space. Whether this space is a patio, garden or backyard outdoor wall fountains will add charm to it and will enhance its look. For example, if you place an outdoor wall water feature on your empty or simple patio wall, it will beautify it instantly.

Which are the best outdoor wall fountain ideas for a porch?

Normally, every wall fountain will look nice on your porch. However, in our experience the small and elegant designs look best on a porch. As for a specific style, we believe that it is a matter of personal preference. However, you will probably not regret choosing a Mediterranean style outdoor wall water feature.

Outdoor wall water feature assembly and maintenance

Generally, almost all outdoor wall fountains on the market come with an instruction manual where you can find the assembly instructions. The expensive ones include maintenance tips and troubleshooting guides. Some of them come with a DVD. We strongly recommend you to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for your wall fountain.

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