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Find the best garden hand tools to help your garden, lawn and patio areas. Put your imagination to work and choose the right garden tool with the help of Garden Patio Guide.

How to Use a Machete to Get Weeds Out of Your Garden featured

A Cut Above: How to Use a Machete to Get Weeds Out of Your Garden

If you’re looking for a powerful hand tool to wage war against unwanted weeds in your garden, look no further than the humble machete. With its razor-sharp blade and sturdy grip, the gardening machete is the perfect weapon to help you reclaim your garden and restore order to your outdoor space. But how exactly do […]

the cost of a garden stool with wheels for weeding

How much does a garden stool with wheels for weeding cost?

Because more people were spending time in their patios or gardens, their popularity increased since the pandemic’s start. However, a garden stool with wheels for weeding can be expensive. There is no need to spend a big sum of money, so do not worry. Just read our article for more information!

What is a pitchfork used for what are pitchforks used for uses featured

What is a pitchfork used for

A pitchfork is an excellent tool for preparing your garden for spring or for farms all year. Pitchforks are a fairly basic piece of farming equipment. It’s one gardening gadget you can’t live without. If you’re debating whether or not to purchase one, we recommend giving it a try. This article will teach you about the most popular uses for pitch forks and how to use them properly.

garden tool handle Replacement Garden tool handles featured

Garden tool handles: Which handle material is better and how easy is to find a handle replacement?

Garden tool handles are essential components of any gardener. Their most common materials are fiberglass, metal such as aluminum or steel, or wood like hickory or oak. The best garden hand tool handles that money can buy, are the ones that are made of fiberglass handles. However, we suggest wooden handles because they are affordable and for their other advantages that we mentioned in this article.

Digging Bars for digging post hole

The Best info for Digging Bars – Dig every hole deep

If you’re new to the world of digging and feel ready to take on your first holes, it can help to learn some important things about digging bars. The last thing you want to have to happen when you dig a deep and narrow hole is to find rocks or thick roots that your digging or other tools cannot reach to move or cut. Or even worse an undiggable obstacle. The garden hand tools you need to tackle these problems are the digging bars.

Garden Scissors and Floral Scissors feature

The Best types of Garden Scissors for your plants – Find the best floral scissors

With gardening scissors you can make precise, clean, healthy cuts to the green parts of flowers, herbs, vegetables, and other plants easily and quickly. There are several brands, blade types, and blade materials to choose from. This article is a floral scissors guide for all these buying concerns.

Best Gardening Machetes for you - A billhook tool

The best types of Gardening Machetes to use in your garden

The rhythm of your life and routine make you forget some important things. For example, your garden care. If you forget to maintain your garden regularly then some day you will find out that you have a private jungle.
Thankfully, you can use garden hand tools like gardening machetes to transform this jungle to garden again.

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