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The Best types of Garden Scissors for your plants – Find the best floral scissors

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Perhaps it comes as no surprise to you that plant enthusiasts like to be very picky when it comes to choosing a tool. This is especially so when it comes to choosing the right pair of garden scissors. If you have had a difficult time finding a proper pair of floral scissors you are not alone. This is a common problem for many hobbyists or seasoned gardeners largely because of how plants are.

Ideal for a variety of tasks such as trimming plants, cutting flowers, and more, these tools are sure to make your gardening tasks a breeze. Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or just getting started, they are a great choice for you. This article is a comprehensive guide about these plant cutting scissors.

What are garden scissors

Like other things in nature, flowers, vegetables and other plants do not grow equally. Some plants have faster or better growth than others, some have harder stems (woody plants), others grow in tight places, etc. While these garden hand tools are not great for use to cut woody stems, they are very well made for the thin green parts of the plants.

A pair of garden scissors or floral scissors is a hand tool for cutting, that has two sharp metal blades with handles, joined together in the middle. The blades of garden trimming scissors pivot so that the sharpened edges slide against each other when the handles opposite to the pivot are closed. This tool is a convenient gardening hand tool, lightweight and portable.

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Garden scissors uses

If you want to just cut your plants you will cut them, no matter what garden shears you have. You can even use your hands for this job… But are these the proper ways to make healthy cuts to the thin green parts of your precious plants? When you want to prune small stems, tender leaves or new growth of flowers or other plants with precision, you have to use gardening scissors.

Why use scissors for gardening

The plant scissors work well when you deadhead blooming flower heads, trim around buds or prune and shape plants to encourage healthy growth. Moreover, you can use this kind of garden shears to cut various plants like flowers, vegetables or herbs, with great precision and accuracy. On the other hand, you should not use these to cut branches because they are not designed to cut tough stalks or thick woody stems. For this gardening job you should use a pair of pruning shears.

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Buying considerations for gardening scissors

Scissors for gardens have many different blade types to choose from. If you have a garden with plants in tight spots or you have to make a clean cut in awkward angles, there is a pair of pruning scissors for gardening with the specialized blade that will make it easier to prune or trim it. As for their blade material, it is stainless steel or carbon (or high carbon) steel.

Blade types of floral scissors

  1. Gardening scissors with straight blades are the most common ones. If you want better precision choose a floral scissor with small length blades. On the flip side, the big garden scissors with longer blades are better for getting the hard to reach spots like tight spaces.
  2. The curved blades give the advantage of precise point trimming and rounding. The curved tip helps you to reach hard-to-manage places when pruning or trimming. The curve will help you to get into tight spots and make a clean cut.
  3. Garden scissors with slanted blades allow for more pruning precision when you cut in tight, close quarters.
  4. Scissors for gardens with thick blades: Typically, most floral scissors have very thin blades. However, there are some scissors for gardening on the market with much thicker blades. These bud trimmer scissors are designed to cut thin woody stems effortlessly.
  5. Lastly, there are some scissors for gardening that feature a serrated blade. The edge of this blade grips and holds stems while you cut. In addition, scissors with such blades can also be used to cut more general or household stuff like bags, cardboard etc.

The blade material of floral scissors

The shiny stainless steel blades are rust resistant. In addition, you can clean them easily. Carbon and high carbon will retain blade sharpness and hold a fine edge. However, they need more care than stainless steel blades because they will rust if not carefully oiled. We noticed that there are some gardening scissors on the market that their brands name their blades as “SK5 Stainless Steel” blades. SK5 is a great steel for cutting tools. However, it is not stainless steel. SK5 is carbon steel.
Last but not least, you can find floral scissors that have a special coating that makes them sap resistant. With such coating they are able to prevent sap buildup on the scissor blades.

Floral scissors handles

Modern gardening scissors are often designed ergonomically. Most of them have big loops that leave plenty of space for fingers. This is great if you wear gardening gloves when you use flower cutting scissors Also, some handles of plant trimming scissors are designed for right hand use only, while others are for left hand use. Additionally, there are some handles of scissors for plants that can be used for right or left handed use.

Garden scissors care and maintenance

The main purpose of these garden tools is to make clean cuts to plants. To save time and effort when you prune with them, you need to sharpen them when their blades are dull. Additionally, if you want them to last longer then you must clean them and oil their metal parts often.

Clean the scissors for gardening

The scissors for gardens are designed to cut the soft and green parts of plants. These plant parts are the main containers of plants’ blood (sap). After you remove the dirt, clean them with water. Be sure to remove sap and other moisture from these tools and dry them well by wiping them with a damp cloth.

Disinfect and sterilize your garden tools

To prevent plant diseases from spreading from one plant to another you should disinfect your garden scissors. An inexpensive way to sanitize them is to soak them with rubbing alcohol or another household disinfectant like one part bleach in nine parts water. You should avoid using pine oil products to disinfect your gardening scissors because such products are not as effective. However, the disinfectants are corrosive. If your garden scissors have carbon steel blades, then you should dry them and oil them really well.

How to sharpen garden scissors

Remove any rust with white vinegar or sandpaper. Make sure that the blades are clean and dry. Place them safely to a vise. Use a file to sharpen them and file them in one direction. Follow the factory bevel when you sharpen them. Afterwards, use a super fine sandpaper, remove any metal bits and oil them.

Store your hand tools

Like every garden hand tool, you should store your garden scissors in a dry location like a garden shed or your garage. Oil them with a lubricant if you are going to store them at the end of the season. Always, make sure that these tools are away from children’s reach.

In Summary

A proper pair of scissors for gardening will help you make perfect cuts. The floral scissors for gardening are the tools you need if you want to make cleaner and healthier cuts to the fresh parts of your gorgeous plants. However, these gardening hand tools come in many different blade shapes and materials. To know which one will work best for you, can help you make the right decision when you buy a pair of floral scissors for the garden.

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