Best Hand Tillers and Hand Cultivators

Best Hand Tillers & Hand Cultivators

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When the Spring comes the dry soil of your garden needs some work. You need the soil to be loose before you start planting. You will have to dig and break up the crusted soil, turn it, remove weeds and mix compost, manure or other organic matter into it. Moreover, you will have to loosen and aerate small parts of it. The hand tillers and hand cultivators are the gardening hand tools for the light part of this job.

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There are available in a variety of sizes and styles to suit the needs of any home gardener. Read on to learn more.

Hand Tillers and Hand Cultivators uses

In the case that you have to do some light cultivation in your garden there are some specialized gardening hand tools for this job. As manual garden tools, the hand tillers are used for a deeper and more thorough tilling (not to be confused with primary tillage) but not too deep, and hand cultivators are used for shallower tillage (not to be confused with secondary tillage).

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Are Hand Tillers and Hand Cultivators good for tilling and cultivating?

The short answer is no and maybe. The category name for some of these tools is hand tillers or manual tillers. Thankfully, these category names are gimmick names because the tools that belong to them are unable to till the land, at least in the case of serious tilling. Moreover, the routinely (heavy) tilling is not a very good method to treat compacted soil in gardens.

Usually, tilling the soil lightly in a small to medium size garden can be done with the same ease by using other garden hand tools. For example, most of our editors use grub hoes, garden forks and shovels to prepare and cultivate their land. If you have to cultivate in larger areas like big gardens or small farms then an outdoor power equipment like a power tiller or a power cultivator, will be more effective for this task.

Hand Cultivators & Hand Tillers types

So, why use hand tillers & hand cultivators? There are three notable types of hand tillers and cultivators that might be worth having in your garden tool shed or outdoor storage cabinet: The twist tiller, the hand rototiller and the hand held tillers and cultivators.

1. Hand Rototillers

As their name suggests, these hand rotary cultivators are able to cultivate 1-2 inches in depth and aerate your soil. One good thing with some of these manual rototillers is that you can adjust the length of their handle. Another one is that you can remove some of their tines and work on narrow spaces in your garden. The main downside of the hand rototillers is that they are rototillers. Whether you use manual/hand or motorized rototillers on a soil with weeds these garden tools will remove them… and propagate the weed’s seeds!

2. Twist Tillers

The twist tillers have a unique shape that makes them easy to distinguish from other garden hand tools. This manual tiller type has a long handle and a foot bar that allows its user to push this garden tool in the ground. The head has four to six tines that are used to break up ground with a few easy twists and cultivate soil efficiently. In addition, they are great for mixing organic matter when loosening the soil.

3. Hand held Tillers and Hand held Cultivators

The hand held tillers & cultivators for gardening have two basic parts: the short handle (shaft) and head. The two basic garden tools under these two categories is the versatile hoe fork combo and the claw rake.

As its name suggests, the first one has a head with two sides. One side is a hoe and the other looks like a small fork because it has two or more prongs. Many retailers have this effective garden hand tool listed on the hand held tiller or hand held cultivator categories. However, this fork hoe combo tool is a small hoe. Nevertheless, it’s one of our favorite garden hand tools because sometimes we like to sit or lie down on the ground to rest while we loosen the soil or remove small weeds.

The second tool is the claw rake. The claw rakes are lightweight hand garden tools, small enough to hold in your hand. These small garden tillers look like mini hand rakes and usually have about three to five tines that resemble a claw. The claw rakes can be very useful in some cases. Generally, you will find them included in garden tool sets.

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In summary

None of these garden hand tools is suitable for tilling, no matter what it is called. The good news is that you do not have to do any tilling in your garden. Moreover, over-tilling will compact the soil in the long term. Most of these tools are good enough for other uses.

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