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Cool Outdoor Daybeds to enjoy the outdoors and relax

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Outside furniture is a great way to help enjoy the look and feel of your garden, decking, or patio, especially on those sunny summer days. However, creating an oasis in your garden or patio can be a very difficult process. You need to make sure that everything is perfect and in its place. One thing that can really help you create that outdoor oasis is an outdoor daybed.  Do you need a couch, a chaise lounge and a bed for your beautiful patio or porch but can’t decide? Rather than purchasing all these, you can buy just one piece of patio furniture to meet your needs. If you are someone who is looking for all these different outdoor furnishings and you are on a budget, then you should take a look at outdoor daybeds.

Add a fabulous and practical spark to any outdoor living spaces with our patio daybeds and make them more beautiful. We put together this carefully selected extensive collection of the most awesome outdoor daybeds that you will certainly love. In fact, there is a huge variety of them and we made a list of our top products below. In this article you will find everything you need to know about them and why they can help you create the ideal outdoor area.
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Our recommendation:

Christopher Knight Daybed – Aldrich Outdoor Acacia Wood Expandable Daybed, Dark Teal and Gray

Best outdoor daybed Christopher Knight Daybed - Aldrich Outdoor daybeds Acacia Wood Expandable Daybed, Dark Teal and Gray

Style meets functionality. This day bed from from Christopher Knight Home is a cozy outdoor convertible daybed with a frame made from acacia wood. It includes the seat cushion and small back cushions. Both cushion types have a charming dark teal color.

The Aldrich collection by Christopher Knight Home takes stylish outdoor furniture to the next level of chic style. This wooden expandable daybed with water resistant cushions is crafted from acacia wood and designed to withstand the elements. It’s perfect for your patio and can even be used as a guest bed.

The slatted seating and back of this daybed are comfortable, giving your patio seating a sophisticated, classic look. This convenient daybed expands to make it easy for you to turn your outdoor seating into a comfortable bed. We love this day bed because the seat area is 79.25 inches long when expanded and also works well indoors.

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In this article about outdoor daybeds:

Best Outdoor Daybeds

Hover your cursor over each image and click “quick view” to read the review or another information and see additional pictures for each selection. To learn more about a product, simply click on its image or title. Check our shop to see our complete collection of Outdoor Daybeds that with have for sale.

Outdoor Daybeds With a Canopy for Sale

In our shop you can find an excellent collection of outdoor daybeds with canopy for sale.

Find the Best Wooden Outdoor Daybed for your needs

View our complete collection of wood outdoor daybeds for sale here.

Outdoor Round Daybeds

Whether you need a small or a large round outdoor daybed, you will find something for your needs in our shop

Outdoor Convertible Daybeds

You can find our complete collection of outdoor convertible daybeds in our shop. If you need a convertible daybed sofa, then you are sure to find it there.

Patio Wicker Daybeds

Discover a complete collection of outdoor wicker daybeds in our shop. We have wicker and rattan daybeds for sale.

How we picked the best outdoor daybed

Generally, Cambridge Casual, Safavieh and Christopher Knight Home brands make excellent wooden daybeds for patio. However, our pick for the best is the Christopher Knight daybed because it has a simple, yet effective design which we like.

What is a daybed for outdoors?

A day bed for outdoor use is the perfect addition to any outdoor space, like a backyard, deck, patio or even your garden. Outdoor daybeds can turn each one of these areas into an absolutely dreamy place to nap near or in nature.

It is a multi-functional piece of furniture for outdoor use. There are a variety of benefits that this furnishing offers that makes it worth considering as your next outdoor furniture purchase. The multi-purpose nature of the outdoor daybed makes it a versatile piece of furniture. It is a stylish and practical piece of furniture that you can use for lounging or as a bed to take a comfortable short nap in the early afternoon.

Why you’d want outdoor daybeds

As the weather gets a little better, most people start to truly enjoy fine weather in outdoor living spaces. If, like us, you are a person that spends a lot of time in your patio, deck or porch, then your ultimate plan is to purchase the absolutely finest pieces of patio & outdoor furniture to improve them immediately and make them more comfortable and pleasant.

If you have ever slept on your patio sofa or felt that your chaise lounge is uncomfortable for taking a nap, you are not alone. Luckily, daybeds are designed to provide a comfortable space for outdoor sleepers.

Moreover, the outdoor daybeds can be used to elevate any outdoor space. They are perfect for your outdoor area, whether it is patio, porch, deck or backyard. And in addition to looking good, they provide functionality and comfort. However, another big advantage of outdoor daybeds is that they can also be used indoors as well in case you need to host guests.

The types of outdoor daybeds

Are you in need of a great way that will refresh the appeal of your deck, yard, patio or porch? A stunning patio daybed is an excellent addition to it because it will highlight it. Generally, there are not many different types of outdoor daybeds on the market. This is not necessarily bad as there is a reason that people tend to prefer specific types. The most common ones are below:

Outdoor convertible daybeds

This type of outdoor daybed is versatile. An outdoor convertible daybed can serve as a couch or daybed. It has armrests that you can fold down to increase the overall length.

Outdoor daybeds with canopy

Outdoor daybeds with a canopy are excellent choices if you want to plan to place your outdoor daybed in an open area which is exposed to the Sun. Typically, their canopy can be adjusted to block the wind or sunlight. If you want a patio day bed with sleek design and a canopy to protect you from UV rays then opt for a modern outdoor daybed with canopy. If you like round furniture shapes we prepared a buyer’s guide. If you consider purchasing an outdoor round daybed with canopy, then there you will find all the information you need!

Outdoor round daybeds

The round shape is pleasant because it maximizes the feeling of relaxation. Also, it is safer if you have kids or seniors because there aren’t any sharp corners present in this type of daybed. Another advantage is that many round outdoor daybeds have an attached canopy. Generally, a round outdoor daybed is a great choice.

outdoor daybeds
The outdoor round daybed with retractable canopy from Devoko. You can find it at amazon.com.

Cool daybeds in many styles and designs

The trend is all about modern outdoor daybeds. Even if the modern style is a style of 50’ it is still in fashion. Moreover, most of them are round outdoor wicker daybeds which many people love to have in their outdoor living spaces.

What is an outdoor daybed made of?

Most day beds for patios are made of materials that are weather-resistant. However, some of these materials are not. If your daybed belongs to the non-water-resistant kind then make sure to purchase an appropriate cover and, of course, do not forget to cover your daybed with it.


The wood outdoor daybeds are the classic choices because they are sturdy and look great. Typically, their frames are made from eucalyptus, mahogany, acacia or teak wood. If you take care of them, then they can last for decades.


Another common material is plastic like the synthetic PE resin wicker. You have to be extra careful when choosing a wicker daybed. Many times, cheap resin wicker daybeds are made from subpar plastic which is very breakable. However, that is not the case in more expensive outdoor wicker daybeds which are made from very sturdy plastic. The plastic wicker daybeds are combined with a rust-resistant steel or aluminum frame.

Luxury outdoor daybeds in many popular colors

The outdoor day beds are available in multiple color options to complement your outdoor aesthetic. Blue outdoor daybeds will add a cool aesthetic to your deck. As far as the color of their frames, the most popular ones are white and black. Brown is very common in wooden daybeds.

What else to consider when choosing the best outdoor daybed

When shopping for the best outdoor daybed that fits your budget, there are a few more considerations that you should also take into account before making the final choice.


Generally, before buying a daybed for your outdoor living space, it is very important to measure your available room. You have to make sure that your new outdoor daybed will fit your space. You have to make sure that the furniture has enough width, length and height to support the user comfortably.

Does it really include a mattress or cushions?

Secondly, daybeds for outdoors feature mattresses and/or cushions. However, it is very important to check if the daybed that you intend to buy comes with a mattress or seat cushions. Don’t be fooled by the pictures. Some of the patio daybeds on the market do not include a mattress. If that is the case, then make sure to check the recommended maximum mattress thickness and size for your outdoor daybed before buying a new mattress for it.

Also, check the recommended seat cushion thickness before you buy seat cushions for your daybed. Unfortunately, the same applies for the back cushions in the pictures. Sometimes, they are not included in the initial price, despite the fact that they appear in the daybeds’ pictures.

Weight capacity

Thirdly, make sure to take a look at the overall bed weight capacity. Generally, manufacturers do not lie (a lot) about how much weight their patio daybeds can hold up to. Usually, a good rule of thumb is to subtract 100 pounds from the stated value.


Μake sure that the daybed has the right weight: Normally, you want a piece of outdoor furniture that you can move without hassle but also that will not get blown over by wind.

Easy to assemble

Some daybeds are not so easy to put together. Before purchasing one for your outdoor living area make sure that it includes clear step-by-step instructions and that its assembly does not require any special tools.


Last but not least, do not be fouled by price. Sometimes, inexpensive furniture for outdoor use is not a great choice. It is not unusual that cheap furniture is cheaply made, it is not durable enough and for its colors fade after a short time.

Where to buy outdoor daybeds?

The Garden Patio Guide is one of the websites that sell outdoor daybeds. In our shop, you can find many outdoor daybeds for sale. Need more inspiration? Visit our article about cool outdoor daybed ideas.

Can you use a daybed outdoor?

Daybeds can be used both indoors and outdoors. When using a daybed outdoors, it is important to choose one that is made with weather-resistant materials. Daybeds made with acacia, teak wood, or wicker PE or HDPE are good choices for an outdoor daybed, as they are durable and can withstand being exposed to the elements. The best outdoor daybeds should also have a waterproof or water-resistant mattress or seat cushions to protect against moisture.

Summary about outdoor daybeds

There is nothing like the feeling of enjoying a sunny day in your backyard, and having a beautiful outdoor oasis can help to create this feeling. One of the best ways to create this feeling is with an outdoor daybed. In this complete guide we shared our thoughts,  so you can find the right one for your outdoor oasis.

You definitely can not go wrong with outdoor daybeds for your favorite patio or deck. Luckily, a cute daybed gives you plenty of options. Whether you need a piece of outdoor furniture for lounging or sleeping, chances are that you could benefit from it. We put together a list of the most awesome patio daybeds that you will truly like. For this reason, you can easily buy exactly the ideal outdoor daybed you need without breaking the bank.

Taking a siesta or having a relaxation session outdoors can promote your sleep quality or healthy living. Outdoor daybeds are gorgeous additions that can turn any of your outdoor living areas into an absolutely relaxing space.

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