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Find comfort with the elegant style of the best outdoor wicker daybeds

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These days many people try to enjoy being outdoors. They want to lounge, read their books, take a quick nap, watch the sunset, stare at the stars or sleep under them during a hot night. The most versatile piece of patio furniture are the outdoor daybeds. For those who like wicker outdoor furniture there are good news. There are many outdoor wicker daybeds on the market. These daybeds are the combination of the fabulous style of the wicker technique and the comfortable versatility of patio daybeds. They are absolutely stunning and can make any of your outdoor living spaces feel like a resort.

An outdoor wicker daybed can be a great option in a patio. We put together this guide to bring you all of the best options for your outdoor living spaces. When you are looking for new furniture for your patio or deck, it can be very difficult to find what you want. Luckily for you, we have listed our absolute best outdoor wicker daybeds for you below.
This post is updated for July 2022.

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The PAT7500B Safavieh outdoor Cadeo wicker daybed with pillows and cushions, grey. It’s an outdoor daybed from Savavieh which you can find it at amazon.com. In addition, you will find the Safavieh pat7500a outdoor collection Cadeo black and white cushion daybed in our shop!

Best Outdoor Wicker Daybeds

If you need a patio wicker daybed sectional you can shop our complete collection of patio wicker daybeds here.

About outdoor wicker daybeds

Generally, most models on the market are rectangular or round outdoor daybeds. Wicker daybeds can be uncomfortable to sit on or lie down for long periods of time. The good news is that you do not have to. Wicker daybeds come with mattresses or seat cushions that protect you from coming in touch with the material used for the wicker part of the daybed. At the same time they provide the much needed comfort.

Wicker patio daybeds are great for outdoor areas and can be used for a relaxing spot outside. These daybeds are made from wicker and rattan PE, they are quite durable and look good around pools.

Wicker patio daybed shapes

Typically, these day beds are available in round or rectangular/square shapes. We have published a buying guide in case that you need an outdoor round wicker daybed for your patio. Visit our article on creative outdoor daybed ideas if you need inspiration for patio daybeds.

The best for early afternoon naps: Outdoor wicker daybed with canopy

Last but not least, many of the outdoor wicker daybeds include a canopy for protection from the sunlight or wind. If your outdoor living areas do not provide enough shade when you are taking a nap, a wicker outdoor daybed with canopy may be a perfect solution for you. It can protect you from getting a sunburn.

The wicker style

Wicker is a weaving technique that produces furnishings, baskets and other lovely items. Some people prefer to call it a material. Others prefer to name this technique as a style. We prefer the latter. Wicker furniture is made from natural materials like bamboo, reed, willow, rattan or cane. It is a very common style for furniture and baskets. For instance, in our neighborhood there is a guy that uses reed to make wicker baskets.

What to expect from the quality of wicker daybeds for outdoor use

The majority of wicker furniture for outdoors use plastic materials for the wicker part of the furniture. And there is a good reason for this: Natural materials that are used for wicker furniture like rattan and willow, while they are great for indoors, they do not perform well outdoors if they are not maintained properly and often. On the flip side, resin wicker, also known as resin rattan, is a name for a group of plastics that are used for wicker outdoor furniture. It is UV and water resistant and does not need much care. A plastic rattan outdoor daybed is a great choice for most patios.

However, there is a catch. Behind the name of “resin wicker” there are various plastics used like Vinyl, PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride), PP (Polypropylene), PE (Polyethylene) and HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene). Generally, furniture made from HDPE plastic is highly durable for outdoor use. Unfortunately, that is not the case for the vinyls. The wicker PE holds the middle ground. While not as durable as the HDPE, a wicker patio daybed made of PE is more affordable.

The wicker daybed frame

In the case of wicker daybeds for patios, people can not see the real frame material and they assume that it is “wicker” (i.e. plastic). The plastics with the wicker weaving technique cover the frame material. Typically, the frame material of wicker daybeds is metal. Expensive metals like aluminum or steel (the “shiny” stainless steel) are used to support wicker furniture like patio daybeds.

What else to consider when choosing the best outdoor wicker daybeds

Before buying a new wicker daybed for your patio, check the product’s details about the material used for the wicker style. Also, do the same for the frame material. In the case that the frame material is metal, you want it to have a thick gauge. If any of them is not stated clearly, then do not hesitate to ask the manufacturer of the patio wicker daybed. Also, make sure to read our guide about outdoor daybeds. We provide many hints and tips that you have to consider before purchasing your dream patio daybed.

In summary

Outdoor wicker daybeds are elegant pieces of furniture and can be perfect additions to your deck, garden, backyard or any other outdoor space. They perfectly combine the functionality, the comfort and the beautiful style of the wicker technique. Normally, the best ones are made from high-density polyethylene plastic. Like all outdoor daybeds, they are very elegant and versatile pieces of furniture that elevate your outdoor spaces.

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