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Gorgeous Outdoor Solar Fountains for your yard, garden or patio

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Having a relaxing session in your garden, backyard or patio is one of the most comfortable ways to spend your quality time and calm your mind. However, for it to be successful, there are some important investments you might want to make. For instance, you may need to have an important centerpiece that brings a touch of natural ambience and tranquility to your outdoor settings.

A stylish way to accomplish that is to install a lovely outdoor fountain in your garden. But, in view of the fact that relaxation is your purpose, then what better than outdoor solar fountains? Solar water features have most of the soothing and relaxing benefits of outdoor fountains plus a hassle free installation.

What is a solar fountain?

Simply put, the solar fountain is an outdoor fountain that is powered by solar energy. Every outdoor fountain of this kind has a solar panel. The solar panel includes many photovoltaic cells. These solar cells draw and absorb the energy from the sunlight when the solar panel is exposed to sunlight. That way, the photovoltaic cells convert the sunlight energy into electrical energy to power the outdoor fountain’s pump.

Benefits of outdoor solar fountains

They blend seamlessly to almost any outdoor setting and complement any outdoor decor. For instance, a solar garden fountain will look great in your flower beds. In addition, the peaceful sound of flowing or falling water brings tranquility and creates an atmosphere that is great for relaxing.

Generally, you can place it anywhere you want. However, the location of the solar panel must be sunny because the panel has to receive direct sunlight in order to convert it to a sufficient amount of electricity. On the flip side, you do not have to plug the outdoor solar fountain to a power outlet which means no potential digging to lay underground electricity cables or restrictions about the installation area.

In addition, an outdoor solar water feature has little to none operational costs. It uses solar energy. It is an alternative energy which is good for your wallet and the environment. However, it is Eco-friendly as long as the whole fountain, parts or materials of it are not manufactured in countries that produce the most Carbon Dioxide.

Sunnydaze Angel Falls Solar Water Fountain with Battery Backup LED Light - outdoor solar fountains
The beautiful Angel Falls Solar Water Fountain with Battery Backup and LED Light from Sunnydaze. You can find it at amazon.com.

Types of outdoor solar fountains

There are numerous types of outdoor solar powered fountains. Many of them are solar fountains with battery backup which is a must-have in our opinion. In addition, a few of them can be connected to a power outlet which is also convenient when the weather is cloudy or for use when it is night. Also, many models are solar fountains with lights and you can adjust the flow rate of the water. As for their solar panels, some have a separate panel and others have it integrated on them.
With no further ado, the most common types are:

Solar pool fountains and solar powered pond fountains

Most of these specialized outdoor solar powered fountains are floating ones. Typically, these solar powered water features are larger than  other solar floating fountains.

Tabletop solar fountains

Generally, these outdoor solar water features are small solar fountains for desks. They are portable and lightweight.

Outdoor solar wall fountains

If you have an empty wall that looks too plain on your garden or patio you can decorate it with a solar wall fountain. That is if the wall gets enough sunlight during the day or if the fountain has a separate solar panel.

Solar powered bird bath fountains

The solar bird bath fountains are outdoor water features that your feathered friends will love.

Solar fountain pumps

Solar fountains of this type are sold as solar fountain kits. The solar fountain pump kits include solar water pumps for fountains and separate solar panels. Among these solar water feature kits you can find solar powered pond pumps, solar pool pumps and other specialized floating solar fountains.

Outdoor floor solar fountains

These large solar fountains are the most common ones other than the floating solar fountain kits.

The Kenroy Home Classic Outdoor Floor Solar Fountain - outdoor solar fountains
The Classic Outdoor Floor Solar Fountain from Kenroy Home. You can find more like this elegant solar fountain at amazon.com.

Outdoor solar fountains maintenance tips

  1. Use mild soap to clean your fountain.
  2. Ensure the pump of your fountain is always submerged.
  3. When Winter comes, remove the water from your solar fountain and bring it inside or use a fountain cover

FAQ about outdoor solar fountains

Which are the most popular designs and styles of outdoor solar fountains?

Tiered, urn and solar waterfall fountains of the cascading style are very popular. For example, a hefty amount of solar water features on the market are 2 or 3 tier solar water fountains. Modern solar water features are well liked too. Another popular style are solar rock fountains. Zen and solar Buddha fountains are also popular solar water features. A solar water fountain with led lights looks great at night. That is if the fountain comes with a good rechargeable battery.

Which are the main materials of outdoor solar fountains?

Typically, most of the solar fountains are made from resin that imitates the expensive looks of natural stones. Other common materials for solar powered fountains are ceramic and bamboo.

What is the best solar powered water fountain?

The best best solar fountain is the solar water feature that will meet your needs. For instance, if you already have a pond, a pool or a bird bath then the best option is to buy a floating solar fountain in the form of a solar fountain kit. Other than that, if we had to buy one we would prefer a solar water feature with separate photovoltaic panel and a rechargeable battery. For example, the elegant Angel Falls outdoor solar fountain from Sunnydaze is probably a great choice. It is beautiful and has a rechargeable battery for backup.

Where can I buy a solar powered water fountain?

You can find solar powered garden fountains at online retailers. For example, there is a great collection of outdoor solar fountains at Amazon.

Why is my solar fountain not working?

Clean the solar panel’s surface and move the solar panel of your fountain to a sunnier location. The photovoltaic panel has to be under direct sunlight. If moving it to a sunnier spot does not work, check the solar fountain pump. You might need to clean it. You have to keep in mind that most solar garden fountains cannot operate on cloudy days or when their solar panel is installed in shaded areas.

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