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Fascinating Tabletop Fountains – Small but deliver Big

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Do your indoor or outdoor areas need an instant upgrade? The good news is that you can elevate their styles with affordable lovely small pieces of decoration. Tabletop fountains are elegant additions that will bring a touch of serenity.
However, there is more to decorating than simply purchasing the best looking decoration available on the market. You also have to add more aspects to make your space more pleasant. Luckily, not only are these water features decorative pieces, but they will also add pleasant sounds and movement to your living spaces.

What is a tabletop fountain?

Also known as table, desktop or desk fountain, the tabletop fountain is a cute small fountain that you can place on a piece of furniture. Typically, a table water feature is light-weight and portable. For these reasons it can serve as decoration in multiple places. A desktop fountain has the right size to decorate any tabletop or desk. For instance, when placed on a table it can turn it into a beautiful decorative piece.

Where can tabletop fountains be used?

These cute little fountains are portable and you can use them anywhere you want. There are plenty of reasons to want tabletop fountains in your house or on your patio. Sometimes, you may have a small area inside your home where you need to put some small decoration or you have furniture that looks rather dull. Luckily, tabletop fountains give you plenty of options, designs, styles and colors.

Homedics relaxation indoor tabletop fountain - Tabletop fountains
The Homedics relaxation indoor tabletop fountain. You can find this affordable water feature for tables at

The most common types of tabletop water features

There are two main types of tabletop water features available on the market. The tabletop water fountains for outdoor use and the ones for which can be placed only indoors. Both types include electric and battery operated tabletop fountains. Many of them come with lights which look nice, especially at night. As for solar options, the tabletop solar fountains are only for use in outdoor areas for obvious reasons.

1. Indoor tabletop fountains
The indoor tabletop fountains look beautiful when you place them on top of an office desk. In addition, they make a nice living room decor.

2. Outdoor tabletop fountains
These tabletop water features look identical to their indoor counterparts. However, many of them are made of more weather-resistant materials to withstand the weather conditions. The advantage of these water features is that they can be used indoors or outdoors.

What are different styles and designs of tabletop fountains?

There are several popular designs and styles of table fountains available in the market. Many people are familiar with tabletop waterfalls, tiered, sphere and urn fountains. In addition, unique tabletop fountains like sculptural ones are very pretty and popular. For instance, elephant table fountains, dragon or dolphin tabletop water fountains are very cute. Furthermore, you can find various modern tabletop fountains on the market.

Last but not least, Eastern Asian themes like Buddha tabletop fountains and Zen or feng shui tabletop fountains are great styles for tabletop water features.
However, our personal preference are flower vase or tabletop fountain with candles because they can combine two elements: Plants and water or fire and water.

Alpine tabletop fountain - Tabletop fountains
The Alpine tabletop fountain. A nice looking desktop fountain from Alpine Corporation. You can find more like this at

Materials and colors

There are several options when it comes to materials and colors. Resin and ceramic tabletop fountains are very common. Another popular option is metal like copper tabletop fountains. Also, you will find on the market stone, slate, fiberglass, bamboo and glass tabletop water fountains. As for the colors, the white tabletop fountains are very popular for indoor use. Other popular color options are gray, black, beige, blue and brown.

Where to buy tabletop fountains?

Generally, you can find table fountains online. If you are in the market for the best tabletop fountain, then you have options — such as Amazon and Wayfair. For example, at Amazon there is a huge collection of cheap tabletop fountains. Amazon has two separate categories for tabletop fountains: For indoor and outdoor use. There you can find the best tabletop fountains and browse many tabletop fountain ideas.

In summary

Having trouble finding the right decor for your table or desk? Look no further, a tabletop water feature is the perfect decorative asset. Tabletop fountains are cute little water features and look super nice. Typically, they are adorable, affordable and portable. These three reasons alone make them ideal for home decoration and outdoor decor. They fit almost any space whether it is an indoor area like your living room or home-office or an outdoor space like your patio.

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