Patio and deck with Outdoor Modern Fountains and pool

Outdoor Modern Fountains for Top functionality and aesthetics

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Do your outdoor areas look dull? Add a modern charm to your outdoor spaces with an outdoor fountain and make them interesting. Outdoor modern fountains are perfect additions and can be placed anywhere.
A smart way to improve your home is to update the outside part of it. If you have a property full of outdoor living areas like porches, decks, backyards and gardens, but they look empty, then you could benefit from installing a modern fountain.

What are outdoor modern fountains?

Modern outdoor fountains are fascinating water features which are modern in style and construction. They often look impressive and beautiful in a variety of spaces. In addition, these modern water features can add a bit of relaxation to your outdoor space and induce a more calming atmosphere.

The modern fountain design

The modern design of a fountain is a style that combines simplicity, clean design lines, functionality and aesthetics. The most common modern water features are the mid-century modern fountains. You can easily identify them by their lack of decorative features or details.

However, modern is not just modern. For instance, modern farmhouse fountains are very popular. Furthermore, the combination of modern and rustic, Mediterranean or antiquity styles on a fountain is an ideal match and makes this kind of water feature even more attractive.

Modern Adagio Water Features whispering creek wall fountain antique black featherstone WCS35 Outdoor Modern Fountains
The WCS35 modern whispering creek wall fountain with antique black featherstone from Adagio Water Features. You can find it at

Where can you place outdoor modern fountains?

Modern fountains can blend perfectly in all outdoor areas. For example, an outdoor modern fountain in your patio is a great idea to make this outdoor space more pleasant and attractive. Also, modern garden fountains are very popular these days. Alternately, another great idea for placement is to install such an outdoor water feature in your backyard. The fountain will look beautiful and will upgrade your yard instantly. Lastly, another benefit is that they can be used indoors and outdoors.

Types of outdoor modern fountains

Typically, there are electric and solar modern outdoor fountains. Some of them include lights. The modern outdoor fountains with lights look impressive during the night. Also, they come in all sizes and colors. For example, there are small and large modern outdoor fountains. The most common types of modern outdoor water features are:

  1. Modern wall fountains
  2. Modern waterfall fountains
  3. Tabletop modern fountains
  4. Modern pool fountains
  5. Modern bird bath fountains

The outdoor multi-tier modern industrial metal fountain from Alpine Corporation - Outdoor Modern Fountains
The outdoor multi-tier modern industrial metal fountain from Alpine Corporation. It is 43 inches tall and has a gray color. You can find more like this at

Materials and colors

Modern outdoor fountains are available in a wide range of materials , including metal, stone, concrete and cement. Many of them are made of resin which make them lighter and more affordable. Also, they are available in many colors. Gray, black, white, beige, light brown and dark brown modern fountains can make your outdoor areas look beautiful.

In summary

Modern outdoor fountains are impressive additions to your outdoor living spaces. While simple in style and construction, they do not lack aesthetics. On the contrary, when combined with another style they look elegant or even amazing. For instance, a modern tall outdoor fountain with classic decoration can be a stylish addition to your outdoor space and will add a bold look to it.

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