Outdoor Urn fountains – Decorate your patio with the best round water features

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One of the main reasons that people seek to buy comfortable outdoor fountains is their calming effect. When it comes to relaxation, the outdoor urn fountains have an advantage because of their rounded or oval shape. The shape of the urn water features adds an artistic touch to your outdoor space and can make you feel more comfortable and relaxed. If you have wondered how helpful it might be to invest in outdoor fountains, you can get an idea of how well this would be for you by adding an urn water feature in one of your outdoor spaces.

What are outdoor urn fountains?

They are outdoor fountains that have one or more urns or bowls for decoration. Their attractively curved style does not have any harsh angles and it is softer for the eye. There is softness and a calming quality to the shape of these outdoor water features. Plus, they pair well with other outdoor decorations.

Bowl and Jar Outdoor urn fountains from Lamps Plus
The Rustic Stoneware Bowl and Jar Outdoor Floor Water Fountain with Light LED from Lamps Plus. It is a fantastic outdoor urn fountain. It is 46 inches tall. Find it at amazon.com.

Why urn?

Outdoor Urn water features have an eye-pleasing shape. It is an oval or rounded design of outdoor fountains.
Circular and rounded-edge shapes are trending again in the world of outdoor decor. Moreover, curved decorations are more popular than ever and the trend is likely to continue to rise.

The categories of outdoor urn water features

Typically, you will not have a hard time searching when you are looking for a good outdoor urn fountain. However, sometimes these outdoor fountains are not labeled as urn, but as jar, pot, bowl, or vase fountains. For this reason we tried to make things easier for you by categorizing the different urn water features.

Outdoor bowl fountains
Generally, the outdoor bowl fountains are large urn fountains. They feature either a large bowl or more smaller bowls or vases and pots resembling a waterfall. If you want a tall or large piece of decoration for your outdoor space, then these urn water features are an excellent choice.

Pot fountains or vase fountains
Outdoor vase fountains or jar fountains are the typical choices of homeowners when it comes to urn water features because they are simple, effective, adorable and affordable. In addition, they are easy to install. Sometimes, you can find them on the market labeled as pot fountains.

Alpine corporation jar water fountain urn fountains
The Alpine jar water fountain. It is a 33 inches tall brown urn fountain with LED Light. You can place it indoors or outdoors and you can find more like this at amazon.com.

The materials of outdoor urn fountains

Unlike the past, most cost-effective outdoor urn water features of today are made of resin. However, we still prefer the ceramic urn fountains because we like their authentic feel. Other materials involved in the construction of these water features are clay, fiberglass and concrete.

The colors of urn fountains

Gray, brown, beige and green are common colors for urn water features. The red color of urn water fountains is bold but it looks great on them. White and blue are absolutely beautiful colors for outdoor urn fountains. No matter the color you choose, an urn fountain seamlessly fits into a garden or patio’s design.

Where can you buy outdoor urn fountains?

Normally, you can find urn fountains at online retailers. We recommend amazon.com because there you can find a huge collection of elegant bowl, jar, pot, vase and other outdoor urn fountains.

In summary

Most homeowners will find comfort and the outdoor decoration asset they need in small urn fountains like the pot and vase outdoor fountains. However, if you have reasons or just want to have an outdoor decoration that stands out, then you can purchase larger outdoor urn water features like bowl fountains. A large urn fountain is a great choice if you want to make a bold statement in an entryway or patio. No matter where you put it, it is bound to be an extraordinary decorative piece.

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