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Outdoor Wall Water Fountains – The perfect water features for garden or patio walls

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When you think of outdoor decor, your ultimate goal is to find the best pieces to improve it. There are all kinds of items on the decor market that you may not have heard of before. When it comes to empty outdoor walls, decorating them with outdoor wall water fountains will make the perfect focal point for your outdoor space.

If your outdoor spaces have walls and are already beautiful, then these stunning outdoor water features are the decorative accessories that will add the finishing touches to make them elegant. An outdoor wall water fountain can be a beautiful addition to your empty patio wall or will make a focal point for your beautiful garden setting. In addition, it can enhance the look of your yard. Generally, It will be a highlight of your outdoor decor.

What is an outdoor wall water fountain?

This water feature is an outdoor fountain where you place it against a wall or hang it on a wall. Like most outdoor water features it includes a pump that continuously circulates the water. It is a decorative accessory that can be a great addition to your porch, garden or backyard walls.

Mediterranean cascade design with floral detail San Pablo fountain Kenroy Home 51011PLBZ outdoor wall water fountains
The San Pablo fountain by Kenroy Home. It has a Mediterranean cascade design with floral detail. You can find it at amazon.com

Where can you place outdoor wall water fountains?

Outdoor wall water features are beautiful additions that are perfect for any outdoor space. They will complete any outdoor area and can be the main attraction of your landscape.

You can place them on a wall or against a wall or other sturdy surface. Typically, the location will be in your property’s outdoor space. Whether this space is a patio, porch, garden or backyard outdoor wall water fountains will add charm to it and will enhance its look. For example, if you place an outdoor wall water feature on your empty or simple yard wall, it will beautify it instantly.

Generally, every wall water fountain will look nice on your porch. However, in our experience the small and elegant designs look best on a porch. As for a specific style, we believe that it is a matter of personal preference.

Most outdoor fountains are intended to be used in an outdoor environment. However, if they do not splash much you can place them indoors. As a matter of fact, some wall fountains on the market are designed to work both indoors and outdoors.

Some other benefits of outdoor wall water fountains

  • If you live in an area that has a hot and dry climate, an outdoor wall water feature will improve the air quality of its surroundings.
  • They might attract birds if they are large enough.
  • These lovely outdoor water features for walls produce peaceful flowing sounds of water that might help you remove stress and improve relaxation.
  • They are great to look at. If you have a bare wall that feels empty they will instantly change its aesthetics to the better. They are stylish and elegant additions to your porch, backyard, garden or inside your home.

The types of outdoor wall water fountains

Like in the case of the fountain designs, many types overlap others which is a common phenomenon in the fountain business. For example, there are outdoor wall mounted fountains or wall hanging fountains that can be used as floor fountains or standing desk fountains. Having said that, there are some uncommon unique types of wall mounted water features like outdoor solar wall fountains.

Rustic style Ibizi outdoor wall water fountain with light LED John Timberland CF17155
The Ibizi rustic outdoor wall water fountain with light from John Timberland. You can find more like this at amazon.com.

Designs and styles

From classic-inspired designs like Greek or Mediterranean wall fountains to modern outdoor wall fountains, there are designs that complement almost any outdoor décor. Also, another classic option is the lion head outdoor wall fountain. Modern outdoor water feature designs also include contemporary or mirror wall fountain designs and industrial looks.

Other common outdoor wall mounted water feature designs are Spanish tile outdoor wall fountains, Spanish or Mexican wall fountains like talavera wall fountains, rock wall fountains and decorative outdoor wall fountains with lights. Check our guide about the best outdoor wall fountain designs and styles for more inspiration.


There are a variety of materials to pick from when it comes to outdoor fountains for walls. Typically, most of them are made of water resistant and weather-resistant materials. The most commonly used materials for these outdoor water features are resin, fiberglass, metal (copper, cast iron and stainless steel), glass, marble, cast stone (note: this is a concrete mixture), ceramic and limestone. Having said that, the two main materials are resin and cast stone.

The size of outdoor wall water fountains

Large outdoor wall fountains are impressive. For example, a large garden wall fountain can completely transform an empty backyard or garden wall to a gorgeous piece of outdoor decor. There is no doubt about it. Also, they can serve as bird baths. The birds love them. They are really heavy, have more water capacity and they need stronger pumps. Small outdoor wall fountains are best for small spaces like a porch wall. In addition, these wall water features are not as loud as the large ones and they are affordable. Plus, you can place them on a fence because they are lightweight. The assembly and installation of small fountains is fairly easy.

Initial cost

Expensive models cost over 2000 bucks. They are large and crafted from high-quality materials like cast or natural stone. Furthermore, they usually include other features like water flow controls and flat surfaces to place planters. For instance, you will not find an outdoor wall water fountain made of cast stone under 500 dollars easily.
On the other hand, small outdoor fountains are budget friendly. Typically, most of them are made from resin and finish that imitates more expensive materials. Generally, small fountains for outdoor spaces are the best bang for your buck.

Where to buy outdoor wall water features

If you are feeling excited about buying an outdoor wall water fountain to upgrade your outdoor decor you should be! Despite the fact that outdoor wall water features can be expensive, your dream wall water fountain isn’t out of reach. Finding an outdoor wall fountain with great weather resistance is key to extending the longevity of your fountain. If you plan to purchase an affordable smaller water feature solution for your wall, then we recommend amazon.com. It has a large collection of affordable outdoor wall water features.


Generally, almost all outdoor wall water fountains on the market come with an instruction manual where you can find the installation instructions. The expensive ones include maintenance tips and troubleshooting guides. We strongly recommend you to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for your wall fountain.

Maintenance tips

Normally, outdoor wall water features do not need much attention and care. However, to prolong the life of your fountain we prepare some maintenance tips. First of all, pull the plug before proceeding to any maintenance for your wall water feature. Other than that:

  1. One of the best ways to prevent algae build up is to use distilled water. Not only will it prevent it but also you will only have to clean your fountain once or twice per year.
  2. The water needs to cover the pump completely. Make sure that the pump is completely submerged in water.
  3. The water must flow all the time. Not only does it extend the life of your fountain’s pump, but also you will avoid the health risks that come with stagnant water.
  4. Use a non-abrasive cleaner with ammonia to clean any metal parts of your fountain.

In summary

When it comes to outdoor decor, there is one simple and affordable upgrade that can change the entire look of a wall. Outdoor wall water fountains can be great additions to your patio, backyard and garden. Compared to other types of outdoor fountains, these water features allow you to hang them or place them against walls and other sturdy surfaces. Investing in the looks of your patio or garden and the overall appearance of your outdoor spaces is an excellent investment. Choose the outdoor wall water feature that will meet your needs best.

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