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Gorgeous Buddha Fountains to revamp your house or patio decor

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Homeowners are always looking for affordable ways to revamp or upgrade the interior or exterior decor of their property. When you think of home decor, your goal is to find the best pieces to improve it. Whether you are a Buddhist or you just want an artistic piece of a water feature to decorate your indoor or outdoor space, having Buddha fountains is wonderful. Since every awesome indoor or outdoor fountain will create a relaxing atmosphere and bring tranquility, it can be helpful to boost these two benefits with an artistic representation of enlightenment and personal bliss.

What is a Buddha fountain?

It is a sculptural water feature with a Buddha statue or head. Furthermore, the Buddha fountain is an elegant piece of art that combines nature elements with the realistic human features of a Buddhist sculpture.

The types of Buddha fountains

Generally, the common types of Buddha fountains are Buddha waterfall fountains and tabletop Buddha fountains. Also, you can find Buddha wall fountains on the market. Most of them are electric outdoor fountains. However, there are many solar powered Buddha fountains which are very good to have if you live in a sunny area. A solar Buddha fountain will be good for you, the environment and your utility bills.

A gorgous cascading lotus Buddha Face Zen water fountain from XBrand. It has a nice bronze and natural gray finish and a LED light in lotus flower. Buddha fountains
A gorgous cascading lotus Buddha Face Zen water fountain from XBrand. It has a nice bronze and natural gray finish and a LED light in lotus flower. You can find it at amazon.com.

The common materials of Buddha fountains

There are many types of materials for Buddha fountains out there, but the main choice you are likely to face is whether or not you want natural stone or a cheaper material that imitates stone. Generally, most affordable Buddha fountains are made of resin. Additionally, they have various finishes that give the Buddha fountain a nice and realistic stone look. Cast-stone concrete Buddha water features are also popular. Unfortunately, these fountains are not budget friendly water features for home decor.

Buddha fountains style and design

Generally, the main artistic piece of a Buddha fountain is a statue. The statue is an anthropomorphic representation of the Buddha. This artistic depiction of Buddhist art is the human form of the Buddha. Before the coming of Greeks and the founding of Indo-Greek and Greco-Bactrian Kingdoms the Buddhist art was aniconic. However, the rich Greek culture heavily influenced the Indian and other cultures directly. The Hellenistic influence led to the emergence of anthropomorphic representations of the local divinities and the anthropomorphic depictions of the Buddha. These stylistic elements and sophisticated art are known as the Iconic phase of Buddhist art and define the canon of Buddhist art for over twenty centuries until today.

John Timberland Meditating Buddha Asian Zen Outdoor Water Fountain with Light - Outdoor Buddha Fountains
The meditating Buddha Zen outdoor fountain from John Timberland. You can find this beautiful fountain at amazon.com.

Why you’d want a Buddha fountain

If you are a Buddhist then it is sure that a Buddha water feature is among your first priorities for indoor or outdoor decoration. For the rest of us, the general artwork of a Buddha head or Buddha statue fountain is very pleasant. What is more, it carries two great beneficial cultural symbolisms. First of all, a Buddha is one who has attained wisdom. Secondly, the anthropomorphic representation of a Buddha is the blend of two great traditions. These are the strong idealistic realism of Greek art and the philosophical tradition of Buddhism.

Where to buy Buddha water features?

Most local retailers will have a nice selection of different Buddha fountains. However, our favorite shop is amazon.com because there you can find many water features with Buddha statues. Amazon.com has a big collection of Buddha fountains for every indoor or outdoor space and every budget. There you can find large Buddha fountains, meditating Buddha or Buddha head fountains, Buddha fountains with lights and other Buddha fountains for indoor or outdoor use.

Maintenance tips

Generally, Buddha fountains do not need much attention and care. However, to prolong the life of your fountain follow these maintenance tips:

  • Make sure to read the manual of your fountain for specific maintenance instructions.
  • Pull the plug before proceeding to any maintenance for your Buddha water feature.
  • If you use distilled water you might prevent algae build up.
  • If you want to prolong the life of your fountain’s pump and avoid health risks that come with standing water, then you must make sure that the water flows all the time.
  • Last but not least, the pump must be completely submerged in water.

In summary

Whether you are a Buddhist or just a homeowner that seeks to find a great way to upgrade his indoor or outdoor spaces, chances are that you could benefit from a Buddha water feature. Having a beautiful fountain has an array of different wonderful benefits. They blend seamlessly to almost any indoor or outdoor setting and complement any decor. Not only can you expect it to upgrade your home or patio decor, but it may also have a positive impact on your overall mental health and well-being. With Buddha fountains you will add a more elegant artistic touch to your decor.

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