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The Perfect 8 Piece Outdoor Dining Set For Your Needs

As much as we love to have delicious meals on our uncovered patios during spring or summer noon or afternoons, the exposure to the hot sun for too long can become unbearable and dangerous. The most common solutions to this problem is to relocate our dining area to a place with enough shade or buy a patio umbrella and an outdoor dining table with an umbrella hole. In this case, we will have to hope that the umbrella will provide enough shade to our outdoor dining furniture. If you do not have an outdoor dining set and you are searching for one, then our advice is to purchase an all-in-one 8 piece outdoor dining set.

Eight piece outdoor dining sets became essentially the most recognized option on an uncovered outdoor dining area, today and will be your ultimate retreat. Whether your property has a courtyard, a large patio, or want appropriate pieces of outdoor & patio dining furniture, a functional and beautiful eight piece dining set for outdoor use may be the perfect selection. Νot only do it make a handsome addition to an uncovered deck or patio, but it can also lay a foundation for boosting your outdoor dining area to enjoy your mid-day meal in the late noon.

You should take some things into consideration before you buy the best for your needs. For this reason, we made a buyers guide and we included it in this post.

What is an 8 piece outdoor dining set?

It is a dining set suitable for outdoor use that features a matching umbrella and seats for six people. Are you in need of a piece that makes the perfect addition to your deck or patio? The nice-looking 8 piece outdoor dining set is a great addition to it because it will highlight it. Generally, these sets have an exquisite and functional design with a cozy personality suitable for outdoor use throughout the year.

Where can you use it?

8 piece outdoor dining sets can be used on patios or any other outdoor space. Despite their name, they can be functional indoors as well (but remember to remove the umbrella first!). Whether you want to design a cozy and comfy location to enjoy your al fresco delicious meal on your patio, yard or deck or inside your house, an eight piece outdoor dining set might be a great solution.

Why choose an 8 piece outdoor dining set?

Surely, you can purchase a separate outdoor dining table, a patio umbrella and outdoor seats such as patio dining chairs and outdoor benches. Or a patio umbrella and an outdoor dining set. The common problem of these two hypothetical situations is the diameter of the dining table’s umbrella hole and the diameter of the patio umbrella pole. By purchasing an outdoor dining set that has eight pieces not only you will avoid this problem, but the pieces of the set (id est umbrella, chairs and table) will match in color and style with harmony.

Some more advantages of purchasing an 8 piece outdoor dining set

As the weather gets hotter, a lot of people start to truly enjoy fresh air in outdoor living spaces. If you believe that there is nothing better to recharge your batteries than enjoying your balcony or deck, then your ultimate goal is to shop for the best pieces of outdoor & patio furniture to improve them immediately and make them more comfortable and pleasant. Add a functional and elegant look to any balcony or deck with 8 piece outdoor dining sets and make them more charming.

wicker 8 Piece Outdoor Dining Set for patio 8 Piece Outdoor Dining Sets with umbrella

With such a table and chairs set you don’t have to worry about having a meal in an uncovered outdoor dining area during noon. You will have many lunches without direct exposure to heat or harmful UV rays because the patio umbrella of the sets will offer protection and shade. What’s more, they are excellent for alfresco dining during other seasons like autumn because their umbrellas can withstand wind and repel rain.

How to choose the best for you needs

Thankfully, there isn’t much to consider about them. All of them come with a patio umbrella which is big enough to cover the pieces of the set and more, and a rectangle or round outdoor dining table. They feature six chairs and you can choose between armchairs, sling-back, rattan chairs, swivel sling or standard outdoor dining chairs. When shopping for an 8 piece outdoor dining set with umbrella you must pay attention to the product’s information because some of these sets do not include an umbrella base!

Wonderful dining set colors

There are a lot of color options at all price points for 8 piece outdoor dining sets out there that can make handsome additions to a deck or yard. Gorgeous colors such as black, white, gray and bronze finishes are the most popular. The most common colors of their umbrellas are beige, white and blue. Many of them feature seat and back cushions that are available in many colors and some of them use exceptionally quality fabrics such as Sunbrella .

Price points and our suggestions

The prices start at around $800. For example, the 8-Piece patio dining set from Vicllax is the most affordable one. It is surprisingly inexpensive because it is a dining set made of wrought iron which is a very expensive material. What’s more, it includes a base for its umbrella unlike other sets that are more expensive.

The most expensive options are really expensive. For instance, the four 8 piece modern dining sets from the Modway brand cost over 4,000 US dollars. However, they use top-notch materials such as HDPE all-weather wicker, sturdy aluminum frames and Sunbrella cushions.

Dining sets with durable materials and modern personalities

Generally, almost all them are made with sturdy and highly durable metal materials for outdoor use. The majority of them have e-coated or powder-coated strong steel. The exceptions to this are the ones with wicker, wrought iron and 8 piece aluminum outdoor dining sets like the beautiful 8 piece white dining outdoor set from Homestyles which you can find in our shop.

Pick a sleek eight piece outdoor set for dining with a modern style that will look beautiful on your patio or any other outdoor living space . Enjoy with comfort and style a mid-day meal or a dinner under the stars with your family and friends.

What else to consider when choosing the best 8 piece outdoor dining sets

Before you purchase the best 8 piece outdoor dining set, it is very important to know some of the things you will need to be aware of. For example, the set’s initial price, your space’s size, the weight and weight capacity of each piece and their size. We recommend to you to take a quick look at our guide about patio furniture. We mention a few important information that you should take into consideration before choosing the ideal 8 piece outdoor dining set. Moreover, take a look at our buying guide about outdoor dining sets.

Where to buy an 8 piece outdoor dining set?

You can shop our collection of eight piece outdoor dining sets in our specialized category of our online store. There is a wide variety of these sets for every budget and need. But before that, make sure to read our buyers guide that we included in this article.

To wrap up

Have you ever wondered how to have a great lunch outdoors in the shade while enjoying fresh air? You may find it easy to accomplish that by simply shopping for a functional and elegant 8 piece outdoor dining set. You can not go wrong with this type of patio furniture for your beautiful yard or patio. Luckily, it will not be very hard to find what you are looking for with the products available at the Garden Patio Guide.

In our shop we have a nice collection of the best value eight piece outdoor dining sets that you will definitely love. Make your favorite outdoor living area a place to be proud of and take your precious patio or deck to the next level, with an affordable 8 piece outdoor dining set.

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