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Buyer’s Guide to Outdoor Dining Tables – How to Choose the Perfect for your Patio

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A patio dining table is the centerpiece of every outdoor dining area. Typically, this area is furnished with dining armchairs. Well-chosen outdoor dining tables are used for seated persons to eat meals and can elevate every alfresco area. They also provide style to your outdoor decor and are essential for enjoying meals. However, there are many different shapes, styles, materials, colors, and types, and finding the best outdoor dining table for your patio can be a challenging task.

We made a carefully selected collection of the most awesome patio dining tables that you will truly like. Fortunately, there are numerous kinds of these outdoor tables and we curated a list of the best options below. Also, check our buying guide to learn how to shop for the best for your needs.

Best Outdoor Dining Tables

As the weather gets a little warmer, people look forward to enjoying a bit of fresh air and mild sunshine on patios or backyards. Do you want to have dinner on your patio while enjoying the fine weather and fresh air? You may find it easy to accomplish that by simply investing in a luxurious outdoor dining table.

If like us, you are a person that spends a lot of time on your porch or patio, then your ultimate goal is to look for the absolute best pieces of outdoor & patio furniture to make them more comfortable. Lend an elegant, yet practical look to your apartment balcony or patio with outdoor dining tables and make them more attractive. In our online store, you will find our outdoor dining table sale.

Why choose an outdoor dining table

Patio dining tables are one of the fanciest options on the patio, porch, or deck seasonally and can become your heaven on earth. Whether you own a large patio, an apartment balcony, or simply need comfy pieces of patio dining furniture, a fabulous outdoor dining table could be an outstanding dining solution.

Not only do patio dining tables look amazing on any porch or any other outdoor space, but they can also be used to make room for boosting your outdoor dining area to enjoy your second meal of the day.

Another benefit of these stunning pieces of patio dining furniture is that they are not just limited to the patio or any other outdoor living area. They will look wonderful anywhere in your place, both outdoors and indoors.

Buying Guide: How to choose the best dining table for your patio

When shopping for the best outdoor dining table there are many thing to consider. Finding the best patio dining tables to coordinate with your outdoor decor and keep you and your guests comfortable as you eat can be a difficult task.

A good rule of thumb is to buy something you love, and you will be happy with it for years to come. Read on to learn what to consider, which shapes, styles, length, height, widths and materials are best for your needs.

Outdoor dining table size and dimensions matter

In the market you will find outdoor dining tables that have different sizes. From small or narrow, to large, long or extra long dining tables suitable for outdoor use. Choose small for more intimate gatherings and larger for informal family daily meals or formal dinners.

Typically, the length or diameter of the table determines the number of recommended seats. Its width and height will determine how comfortable the dining experience will be. Later, in our section about the shapes of the shapes of outdoor dining tables we will talk about their lengths and for how many seated persons each length can be used. Let’s start from the proper height of an outdoor dining height.

How tall is a dining table for outdoor use?

Unlike the tables up to the 19th century, nowadays the outdoor tables for dining have lower height. It is called standard dining height and it is the height of the most recent indoor or outdoor dining tables. The distance from the floor to the top of the table is around 28-30 inches (ideally 29 inches).

The difficult task of finding the comfortable height

Finding the perfect dimensions of an outdoor dining table to pair it with chairs can be a challenge because:

  • You want to have enough room for your legs
  • If you have dining armchairs you need adequate room so they can fit underneath the tabletop.
  • And most importantly, the table top shouldn’t be very low or high because it will make your al fresco experience an uncomfortable one.

Finding the perfect height of an outdoor dining table for your chairs.

The distance between the chair seat and the top of the table should be no less than 9.5 inches and no more than 12 inches. The ideal distance is around 10.3 inches.

Thankfully, finding such a table is very easy because the majority of outdoor dining tables on the market today have the standard outdoor dining table height which is 28-30 inches. Additionally, most normal outdoor dining chairs have their seat height set at around 17-19 inches. As a result, it will not be difficult to shop for a dining table for your patio.

Unfortunately, the table tops alone do not have a standard height (i.e. thickness). To make things worse, some outdoor dining tables come with table aprons or skirting and that alone makes the calculations more difficult. That being said, the minimum distance between the chair seat to the bottom of the table top or the underside of table aprons or skirts should be 6 inches which is tight for the average US adult. You should aim for a 8 1/4 inches distance which is great for most US adult people.

Another important thing to consider is the seat cushions. If you use such cushions, then you have to take the thickness of these cushions into account.

What is the most popular size dining table?

To sum up about the height of outdoor dining tables:

  • Outdoor chair seat height: 17-19 inches
  • Outdoor dining table total height: 28-30 inches
  • Ideal distance between top of the table and chair seat: 10.3 inches
  • Ideal distance between the underside of table top or apron: 8 1/4 inches

Last but not least, if you have chairs with arms then you push under the table when not in use then the distance between the underside of table top or apron and the top of the arm of the chair should be at least 7 inches.

Outdoor dining tables with different heights

As we mentioned earlier, the standard outdoor dining table height is 28-30 inches. However each person is different and has different needs. Fortunately, you will find outdoor dining tables on the market that have a low height or tall dining tables with high top, pub or bar height and counter height. Moreover, there are outdoor dining tables with adjustable height!

How wide an outdoor dining table should be?

In our opinion, an outdoor dining table should have at least 34” width (i.e. distance ) or 34 inches in diameter if it’s round for a normal dinner with extra dishes. The minimum width or diameter is 24 inches for two people and no extra dishes.

How many chairs should be in a dining table?

Finally, you need to make sure that you purchase the right amount of outdoor dining chairs. Too many chairs mean that no one will have a comfortable seat, while too few chairs can cause awkwardness at the table. You also need to consider if you want armchairs or just regular side dining chairs. Armchairs are great but they take more space than armless chairs.

What shapes does the patio dining table come in?

Tables are available in many different shapes. You will find on the market tables that have tops with oval or round shapes, square and rectangular.

Square outdoor dining tables

For medium-sized outdoor dining areas choose a square patio dining table. The square top surface shape works well in every outdoor setting. They are ideal for small patio dining spaces since they do not take up much room and can become centerpieces in large outdoor areas.

Rectangular outdoor dining tables

Typically, the most common shape is rectangular. A rectangular patio dining table is similar to a square, however, it has two long sides rather than four short sides. They are best suited for bigger patios with plenty of space.

Round patio dining tables

For small or squared patios the circular shaped outdoor dining tables are most appropriate. Moreover, they’re easier to maneuver than square dining tables.

How big should a patio dining table be?

Outdoor dining tables can comfortably accommodate 2-10 people. The shape of their table tops is very important when it comes to the recommended number of seats. In addition, another factor is the fact that there should be enough space between each adjacent outdoor dining chair. For example:

  • Outdoor dining tables for 2 people with round or square shape should have at least 24” diameter or length respectively.
  • 4 seater outdoor dining tables with round shape are available in 30-48” diameters
  • 4 seater outdoor dining tables with square shape have a length of 42-60” inches
  • The 4 person outdoor dining tables with rectangle shape have a length of 40 inches
  • 6 person outdoor dining tables with circular shape have 60” in diameter and with rectangular shape have 72 inches length
  • 8 person outdoor dining tables with round shapes come with a 72” diameter and the ones that have rectangular shape feature a length of 96 inches
  • The ideal shape of an outdoor dining table for more people (10 or more) is a rectangle with a length of 120 inches.

What are common patio dining table styles?

From vintage and rustic to farmhouse style, modern and contemporary, there are many styles of patio dining tables in our online shop.

Modern or mid-century

A modern wooden dining table is always a great choice for any home. If you need a simple and sleek table go for a modern or mid-century modern outdoor dining table.


For something with more curves and soft edges, pick for one with a contemporary style. These are great for casual al fresco dining.

Farmhouse or rustic

These are classic pieces of dining furniture on any patio and many people prefer them over their modern counterparts. If your outdoor sitting area has a garden or a deck you will want to pair it with a farmhouse or rustic dining table.


For a beach-themed patio prefer a nautical or coastal dining table. Place it near your pool and pair it with coastal-style dining chairs and ottomans.

Traditional or vintage dining tables

For a more artful vibe pick traditional or vintage dining tables. They are perfect for formal dinners because they give a sophisticated feel to the outdoor dining area. Moreover, they create a sense of style and class.

Wicker or Mosaic

And there are more: If you like the wicker technique you will find many of them in our shop along with outdoor dining tables with wonderful mosaics.

Colorful outdoor dining tables

Typically, the material of an outdoor dining table dictates the color options. For example, most outdoor dining tables with antique bronze or black finish are made of metal. The majority of dining tables for outdoors that have beige or brown shades are the wooden ones. Plastic dining tables are available in many colors including black, gray, white, brown, blue, yellow etc.

What is the best material for a patio dining table?

Most high-quality outdoor dining tables are made with high-quality plastic, wooden, or metal materials for outdoor use. Some of them need regular care, while others that are made of premium materials such as teak wood or HDPE plastics do not need much attention. In addition, there are outdoor dining tables that are made of stone, concrete, cement, and marble. Many of them feature glass, tile, or zinc tabletop materials.

Metal outdoor dining tables

Metal dining tables are great for any type of outdoor setting. They are sturdy and durable and are perfect for outdoor use. If you want one that is made of metal, then we suggest two options; If you are going to place it on your patio permanently or semi-permanently then choose one that is made of heavy metal such as steel or wrought iron. For a more portable and lightweight choice, shop for a metal patio dining table that is made of aluminum.

Wood patio dining tables

These tables are made out of wood and are designed to fit outside. Made from teak, acacia eucalyptus, and other durable reclaimed woods, wooden outdoor dining tables have beautiful natural color shades and gorgeous finishes. If you have the budget go for teak dining tables. For a less expensive option choose one that is made of acacia or other woods.

Plastic outdoor dining tables

Plastic outdoor dining tables are great options if you want something that is cheap and simple or something that is really expensive but will last for dozens of years. Your options here are resin, rattan (id est faux rattan for wicker tables), other PE plastics, and poly lumber HDPE plastics. In this category of materials, poly lumber dining tables from brands like Polywood and Highwood are the premium choice.

Useful features of the cool outdoor dining tables

Typically, outdoor dining tables are simple pieces of outdoor furniture. However, many of them come with helpful features such as umbrellas, one or two umbrella holes or shelves underneath their table tops. Choose a foldable outdoor dining table for more portability and space saving reasons, a table with a fire pit for more fun especially for summer nights or an expandable table that you can extend and use for a more luxurious feast with family and friends.

What else to consider when choosing the best outdoor dining tables

Prior to picking the best outdoor dining table, there are some considerations that you should take into account before making the final choice. For instance, the weight of the table, its weight capacity, your space’s size, the dining table’s size and initial price.

We propose for your consideration to take a quick look at our guide about stylish patio furniture. We mention some hints and tips that you have to take into consideration before purchasing your next outdoor dining table.

Where to buy dining tables for outdoor use

If you are looking for outdoor dining tables for sale online, Garden Patio Guide is one of the places on the internet where you can find the top outdoor dining tables. We have excellent discount, affordable and high end outdoor dining tables on sale. In addition if you are looking for inspiration check out shop for more patio outdoor dining tables ideas.

What type of dining tables are in trend?

Round dining tables are always in style and they are one of the hottest dining furniture trends. They have been around since ancient times and are still popular for families who prefer a simple and classic look.

About our unique outdoor dining tables

Are you in need of a great way to beautify and instantly update your patio, deck, or yard dining area? The amazing outdoor dining table is an excellent addition to it because it is made to grace it. These are outdoor tables that will help you to have many pleasant and memorable al fresco dining experiences. They have an amazing elegance and a vibrant personality that will serve you well for a long time.

To wrap up

You certainly can never get wrong by getting an outdoor dining table for your favorite outdoor living area. In general, it does not have to be difficult to find what you are looking for, which is why we listed some of the top-rated products above. We decided to set up this carefully selected big collection of the exceptional dining tables for outdoor use that you will certainly like.

As a result, you are able to definitely buy the perfect ones you need without trouble. Make your lovely porch or deck the best place to gather or relax, with our surprisingly inexpensive outdoor dining tables.

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