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The Best Outdoor Benches for your garden or patio

Last Updated on July 28, 2022 by Editors

One of the best choices you can make when it comes to patio seating is an outdoor bench for your garden or porch. However, when shopping for outdoor benches there are a few things to consider as you look for the best.

Unsure of how to shop for an outdoor bench? We’ve got you covered! Read this guide to learn about the popular colors, types, styles, materials and how to buy the right outdoor benches for your needs! We created this great list of the best outdoor benches that you will truly love. Typically, there are numerous kinds of them including storage, foldable, garden, wicker, metal or wood and we made a list of our top picks below.

Best 39 Outdoor Benches

Do you want a comfortable investment piece for your patio, garden, or yard? The wonderful outdoor bench is an excellent and unique option for it. Outdoor benches have an attractive and functional design with a unique personality that will last for years to come. Take your treasured garden or patio to the next level, with the best and surprisingly inexpensive outdoor benches.

You can shop our complete collection of outdoor benches here.

What is an outdoor bench?

An outdoor bench is a seating option, often for two or more people. Usually, they are narrow and long benches with a width of 4 feet or more but you will find small 3 ft outdoor benches on the market as well. Small benches are not so popular, however, a small outdoor bench for front porch or narrow outdoor spaces is one of the best purchases you can do for patio furniture. The outdoor benches come with back rests or without backs. Typically, most outdoor benches with backs have armrests.

Why choose an outdoor bench

Want to relax or have a nice tete-a-tete chat in your garden or porch while enjoying fine weather? You may find it easy to have this beautiful experience by simply purchasing a lovely and practical outdoor bench. As the weather gets a little better, people look forward to enjoying fine weather in yards or patios.

If you truly value your deck, porch or patio, then your ultimate plan is to purchase the absolutely finest pieces of outdoor furniture to improve them and make them more joyful. Lend a lovely and functional charm to your patio, deck, porch or yard with outdoor benches and make them more inviting.

How to choose an outdoor bench

When it comes to choosing the best outdoor bench, there are a lot of decisions to make. For instance, outdoor benches come in many types that have different functionality. When choosing an outdoor bench to place around your outdoor dining or bench table, it helps if you already know the color, size and style you want to purchase.

Unique outdoor benches in many styles

There is a wide variety of options you can choose when checking the different styles of benches for outdoor use. If you want to modernize or add a recent design touch to your garden or patio, choose a contemporary, modern or mid century modern outdoor bench. You can add a welcoming or antique charm to your patio with a rustic, farmhouse or vintage outdoor bench. And, if you love the wicker look and design, you will find the many high quality benches of this technique in our shop.

Colored outdoor benches

Choosing the color of outdoor benches is an essential part of your patio design. The color of the outdoor walls, plants, and other outdoor furniture pieces all determine which color is best. Thankfully, there are many colorful outdoor benches available on the market. For example, beautiful colors such as red, yellow, beige, brown or blue, and neutral colors like gray, black and white.

The materials or comfortable outdoor benches

Outdoor benches can be made from metal (aluminum, steel or iron), wood (acacia, cedar, teak or more, plastic (vinyl, pvc, resin rattan PE or HDPE) or other durable materials, such as concrete/cement or stone. In some cases, more than one are used to construct an outdoor bench. For instance, metal benches with wood seats. Another example are the wicker benches for outdoor use because most of them have a metal frame and their wicker parts are made from plastic.

Cool outdoor benches available in many types

Generally, there are dozens of bench types for outdoor use including, curved, corner or L-shaped outdoor benches, outdoor shower benches, picnic, memorial, glider or rocking benches, bench sets, potting or planter benches and more. The three most popular types are garden, foldable or storage benches for outdoor use.

  • Garden benches
    Garden benches are most suitable, well, for gardens or near gardens. Some of them look like park benches, while others are decorative outdoor benches like the cute butterfly benches.
  • Outdoor bench with storage
    As the name implies, these are outdoor benches that have a storage box. They are versatile, come with or without backs and the best of them are made of waterproof materials.
  • Foldable outdoor benches
    These are simple outdoor benches without backs. However, due to their folding design they are very convenient, easy to move and store. A popular example of them is the outdoor dining bench.

What else to consider when choosing the best outdoor benches

Before purchasing the best outdoor bench, it is very important to know some of the criteria you will need to be aware of. In other words, its initial price, weight capacity, weight, size and the dimensions of your space. Make sure to check our guide about patio furniture. We provide some useful and important information that you should take into account before picking your next outdoor bench.

Where to buy outdoor benches

If you are looking for where to buy outdoor benches, then you are in luck! In our shop you will find many high quality and comfy outdoor benches. In addition, we have some of the best outdoor benches on sale.

Bottom Line

Enjoying fine weather and fresh air while relaxing or having a nice conversation in your garden or patio requires the proper piece of outdoor furniture. You absolutely can never get wrong by picking outdoor benches for your favorite garden, patio or porch. In general, you should not have any trouble making a decision.

Take a look at the products we listed above. In this article we put together a great list of the best outdoor benches that you will absolutely love. Make your precious deck, patio or porch feel comfortable and cozy, with our comfy outdoor benches.

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