Cost of porcelain garden stools

What is the Cost of a Porcelain Garden Stool?

For most of us, a porcelain garden stool is an important part of every outdoor living area. Others acknowledge that it is a useful decorative furniture product that will upgrade the style of their outdoor areas. The average cost of porcelain garden stools is almost $120. They are more expensive and rarer than other ceramic stools because they are better! However, costs can vary greatly depending on their quality. In any event, choosing whether to shop for a new one is a crucial decision.

A new one can be an asset for your patio. Besides this, it may even be a huge blow to your money pile. Notwithstanding, don’t be afraid because you do not need to spend a significant amount of cash. With this guide about costs, we will show you how to pick the suitable one for you at an affordable price point.

What’s in this guide?

What should you spend on a quality porcelain garden stool?

Expanding your outdoor collection with brand-new goods is a wise idea. So, how much should you invest in a brand-new one? Porcelain garden stool pricing should range between $70 & $208 and sometimes more. The prices are impacted by crucial things.

We will list these causes later. We shall also show you actual cost tiers to better understand how much money you will spend. Aside from that, we shall discuss some pieces of advice in order to get the best deal for your needs.

Price comparison of porcelain furniture

Buying a new porcelain furniture piece nowadays will cost you from just a very few dozen dollars to only several hundred. If you like to determine whether a porcelain garden stool is a wise purchase for you, you should look at the info below.

Price points Minimum Price Maximum Price Average Price
Budget-Priced $70 $112 $100
Mid-Priced Options $115 $135 $120
Expensive $138 $289 $160

Get a cheap porcelain garden stool

If you don’t want the luxury features of the greater quality selections, a porcelain furniture option within this price bracket is suited for you and your wallet. Generally speaking, these won’t last long. At this price category, you’re either purchasing a fairly medium-quality porcelain garden stool or a great deal! If you’ve got the money it might be beneficial to pay slightly more for greater quality.

For instance, options just like the “Euro Ceramica Claybarn Blue Garden Porcelain 16″ Decorative Lotus Podium Stool” have numerous benefits over many other competing solutions. It can be one of the best purchases you can make in this price group.

Middle Prices

Patio porcelain products in this cost category are neither expensive to buy nor crazy inexpensive. They are reasonably high-quality offerings at good prices. You can often purchase a quality model in this range of price points.

Luxurious Quality

You’re looking at high-quality porcelain furniture options in this budget range. Most of the leading garden furniture manufacturers and brands are in the cost range of pricey products. They are built of the finest quality clay materials and have superior technical proficiency.

Cost per type

There are two main types of porcelain furniture for patios and gardens.

Porcelain Stool Type Minimum Price Maximum Price Average Price Source
Chinese $84 $219 $138 The cost of a Chinese porcelain garden stool
Blue & White $70 $219 $130 Blue and white porcelain garden stool costs

Porcelain garden stools that have an excellent price-quality ratio

If intend to invest money in quality products consider our e-shop to buy porcelain garden stools online. There you’ll find a solid collection. If they aren’t for you, we highly recommend that you check out our guide about how to choose stylish garden stools (you’ll love it!). See our post about affordable outdoor furniture for further hints.

How much money should you budget?

Creating a budget is a great starting point. You must evaluate the amount of money you want to spend on a terrific porcelain garden stool. When you create and stick to a budget, you’ll usually know fully where your money goes and you’ll find yourself saving money instead of spending it. Α budget aids you in resisting spending more money than you can afford.

It causes you to consider saving money and helps you stay organized. Having a budget means you’ll be less prone to purchase a product simply because you desire to. Instead, you will mainly purchase something that your patio needs. Define what you really need and avoid emptying your credit card. Ultimately, how much you spend should be dictated according to your personal needs.

Discover the top discounts

Well, unquestionably, every shopper enjoys purchasing products at a wonderful deal. We separated the outdoor furniture products into three ranges of price points according to their cost. Each cost category has roughly the same number of products. To make things simpler for you and help you uncover the most suitable steals we produced this chart.

Cost of porcelain garden stools pie chart, porcelain garden stool

Discover fantastic deals with the help of the pie chart

The pie chart includes three different slices. Each slice of the chart strongly indicates a cost bracket and a percentage. If a percentage is more than the other two, it implies that there is a large and diverse variety of pricing among many of the porcelain furniture options in the whole cost range. As indicated by the pie chart, the pricing category with the luxurious and premium porcelain garden stools must have the most extensive price range.

Offers within this price category have the highest quality and are long-lasting. There is a great possibility that you will get a deal close to the lowest point of the range. This means it is possible to acquire one for slightly less than $139. On the other hand, if you don’t have a very large budget give a wide berth to the higher end of the pricing range.

Best time of year to buy

If you hope to get the most bang for your buck, consider buying at the right moment. Although it is true that you may buy anything at any time of year, a few weekends and days are more appropriate for certain types of purchases. It can have a considerable effect when it comes to your money. As you can well imagine, you will find some of the best offers or deals on porcelain garden stools around the following holiday weekends or sales periods:

  • Independence Day (July)
  • Presidents Day Weekend sales (February)
  • Between Thanksgiving sales and Cyber Monday sales (November)
  • Columbus Day (October)
  • Memorial Day (Last Monday in May)
  • Black Friday
  • At the end of the offseason
  • Amazon Prime Day sales
  • At the end of the season (end of August)
  • Labor Day sales

This is due to the fact that porcelain furniture manufacturers slash prices around these times.

What’s the difference between a ceramic and porcelain garden stool?

Porcelain is a ceramic material. The primary distinction between porcelain and ceramic furniture is the method of manufacture. Both are formed of clay and are burned in a thermally insulated chamber, usually an oven. However, porcelain furniture is manufactured from finer clay and fired at higher temperatures to permanently set its shape. This gives it more density and durability than a conventional ceramic garden stool.

What factors influence the cost of porcelain garden seats?

The quality level and many other things impact the prices. The truth is, that this wide range of prices is broadly subject to a range of crucial considerations. These characteristics often include any combination of the following: warranties, build quality and design, supplementary accessories, size, features, whether it is built by a trusted brand or manufacturer, and many others.

As a result, together they dictate if a price is considered cheap or not. An additional important factor you cannot ignore that significantly affects costs is the total number of clay raw materials used for manufacturing. The higher the cost of the raw materials, the more high-priced the porcelain garden stool.

Anyway, all the above factors should be kept in mind when searching for the best ceramic garden stool for your needs.

To sum up

For most buyers, the cost is a decisive factor in their ultimate decision. However, the cost of these decorative outdoor furniture stools is dictated by the quality of the raw material utilized as well as certain other variables we discussed before. The typical price of a porcelain garden stool on average is almost $120. However, even if your budget is less than $110, you may be able to find options of fine quality, particularly during sales periods.

Generally, there are numerous options available these days that can serve everyone’s needs. It’s imperative to note that the more you intend to use a porcelain furniture piece for seating, the more significant it is to get the best quality available. That’s all we have got for the nonce.

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