Cost of Chinese porcelain garden stools

The Cost of a Chinese Porcelain Garden Stool – All You Need to Know

A Chinese porcelain garden stool is an outstanding buy for homes. It is great, whether you’re looking for something functional or awesome. Meanwhile, it is a great pick that fuses aesthetics and usefulness into one neat package. And this is often the best motivation for some individuals to invest in a brand-new piece. The cost of Chinese porcelain garden stools on average is less than $140.

You do not have to worry because it isn’t required to spend a substantial amount of money. We’ll help you get the right one for your needs at a decent cost with this article about costs.

In this cost post:

What to expect to spend on a good Chinese porcelain garden stool?

It is always a smart move to add additional goods to your outdoor collection. So, how much money should be put into a brand-new one? A Chinese porcelain garden stool can vary in cost from $84-$185 or maybe more. There are certain elements that shape these costs.

Next, we will outline these causes. Aside from that, we will discuss cost-effective pieces of advice. These are what will help you in getting the best deal for your needs. We shall also discuss standard cost ranges to get a feel of what you might spend.

Chinese porcelain garden stools that offer amazing value for money

If you’re looking for a store to buy Chinese porcelain garden stools you will have no issue finding a charming selection in our online shop. Do you want to try something else? You should look through our shopping guide about how to pick garden stools. Moreover, for some further useful tips consult our guide about affordable patio furniture.

Cost comparison and average prices

To help you discover whether a Chinese porcelain garden stool is worth buying, you should examine the following data. Generally, most of these decorative patio furniture pieces today will cost you between a few tens of bucks and just a few hundred.

Price points Minimum Price Maximum Price Average Price
Bargain Prices $84 $103 $95
Well-Priced $112 $139 $135
The High-End $139 $219 $175


In general, if you’ve got the money it would be better to pay a bit extra for better quality and durability. These are your cheapest models and they’re made of less expensive components. On the flip side, they are the perfect option if you will not be using them extensively. If you don’t want the additional features of expensive choices, you likely find that a product in this budget range is suitable for you and your credit card.

The “Euro Ceramica Claybarn Blue Garden Porcelain 11″ Decorative Landscape Stool” is a perfect pick for this price range. It is a chinoiserie garden stool that offers lots of advantages versus many other competing patio furniture options. In addition, this is one of the best choices you can make because it is both affordable and sturdy.

Mid-Priced Models

You may find it enticing to select the most low-grade Chinese porcelain garden stools around. This can save some US dollars, but it’s going to command more sooner or later. Most consumers will often find a relatively fine-quality product in this range of price points. Expect to see an option that can blend with any patio look or event here.

The Luxury End

At this price bracket, you’re considering top-of-the-line selections. As you might expect, these are outstanding porcelain furniture pieces when it comes to specifications and warranties. Almost all respected, well-known manufacturers and brands fall within the price range of premium products.

The cost breakdown analysis of a Chinese porcelain garden stool

The level of workmanship, among other important things, determines the asking prices. The truth is that this wide range of prices is broadly based on a variety of significant characteristics. Typically, these attributes could include construction and build quality, special accessories, whether it is manufactured by a reputable brand, features, the location of your residence, warranties, and many others.

Ultimately, all of them together dictate whether a price is considered expensive or cheap. The quality and amount of materials used in production are, for example, other crucial factors you cannot ignore that considerably affect the price. The higher the raw material cost is, the more pricey the Chinese porcelain garden stool.

In conclusion, all the above criteria should be accounted for when choosing the best porcelain garden stool for your needs.

Find the finest deals and discounts

It makes sense that almost everybody enjoys buying porcelain furniture products at a decent deal. To make it simple for you and help you identify the ultimate discounts the team of Garden Patio Guide built this chart. We segmented the products into three ranges of price points according to their cost and each cost bracket contains nearly the same number of products.

Cost of Chinese porcelain garden stools pie chart, Chinese porcelain garden stool

How to interpret this chart

Each pie graph slice illustrates a range of price points. The larger proportion reflects the significant range of prices for several options across this price bracket. As shown by the pie chart, the cost category with the high-in-cost Chinese porcelain garden stools has the broadest cost range.

If you don’t have a huge budget, keep away from the highest end of the pricing range. On the flip side, it is entirely plausible that you are going to discover a bargain near the range’s very bottom. This means that you’ll be able to purchase a good one for slightly less than $165. Offers within this price range have exceptional quality and will last for a very long time.

Best time of year to buy a Chinese porcelain garden seat

Choosing the best time to buy is crucial if you wish to get the best value for your money. Despite the fact that you may purchase anything at any moment, a few weekends and days are more suitable for certain sorts of purchases. It can make a big impact when it comes to your money account. You’ll find the best deals on Chinese porcelain garden stools around the following three-day weekends or sales periods:

  • Labor Day Weekend sales
  • Independence Day – Fourth of July sales
  • Thanksgiving Day sales (November)
  • Black Friday sales – Cyber Monday (November)
  • Between the end of the summer sales and Labor Day sales
  • Memorial Day Weekend sales (May)
  • Columbus Day sales (October)
  • Presidents Day Weekend sales
  • At the end of the offseason (end of January)
  • Amazon Prime Day sales (in July)

That’s thanks to the fact that outdoor porcelain furniture brands are looking to get rid of their old inventory around these times.

A large budget gives you more options

There are many amazing solutions to please even the most fastidious consumer. Getting Chinese porcelain garden stools during holiday weekends or sales can save you a high amount of money. Yet, the more money you have to work with, the greater the ability of your decision-making.

Decide on a budget

You should decide how much money you’ll be ready to spend on an amazing Chinese porcelain garden stool. The most efficient method is to plan early on and set a budget. It motivates you to save money and keeps you organized.

Once you’ve established a budget, you’ll constantly understand where your money goes and you will be able to save money if required. If you keep a budget you’ll be less prone to make unplanned purchases. In other words, you will mainly place orders on items that are best for your outdoor space’s needs.

Bottom line

So what’s the cost of Chinese porcelain garden seats? Well, we did the homework, and the fact is that it mainly depends on the quality of the material utilized and other criteria we covered before. For the majority of shoppers, the cost is a very important factor in their ultimate decision. The typical price of a Chinese porcelain garden stool on average is almost $138. Yet, you will find some deals that cost less than $110.

There are several different porcelain furniture offerings on the market that will match your needs. We hope that this guide has given you a clearer picture of the pricing and price ranges. That’s all we currently have.

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