Cost of blue ceramic garden stools

You’ll Be Impressed With The Cost of a Blue Ceramic Garden Stool

For a substantial number of individuals, a blue ceramic garden stool must be included in every outdoor living area. And for the rest, it is merely another decorative furniture piece for patios or living rooms. Whether you fall into one of these categories, purchasing a brand-new one is an important decision. The cost of blue ceramic garden stools on average is roughly $100. However, pricing is related to durability and quality.

Over the years, they have grown in popularity. You do not have to be afraid or concerned since there is no need to spend thousands of dollars. With this cost guide, we will guide you to identify the suitable one for you at a range of prices. A decorative ceramic furniture piece with blue, turquoise, light, or nave blue color should be a delightful asset for your outdoor living space.

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How much would it cost to get a decent blue ceramic garden stool?

Expanding your yard collection with some new pieces is a good idea. So, how much does a good new one cost? A blue ceramic garden stool will have a price between $27 & $139 or more. A variety of causes control costs.

Shortly, we will review these characteristics. We will also take a closer look at actual cost ranges to figure out how much you will spend. Likewise, we shall mention a few cost-effective bits of advice to help you to save cash.

Price comparison and average costs

Most blue ceramic garden stools have a price between only several tens of bucks and only several hundred. If you need to get the greatest offer on a ceramic furniture piece with blue color or finish, you should take a glance at the prices first. Even though the exact pricing fluctuates from time to time, here are some average costs.

Price points Minimum Price Maximum Price Average Price
Low-Priced Models $27 $90 $80
Mid-Range Models $92 $106 $100
Premium and Luxurious $108 $205 $115


If you don’t care about the interesting features of expensive garden furniture solutions, then an option in this price category is best suited for you and your bank account. At this price category, you are basically getting a fairly low-quality blue ceramic garden stool or a pretty good value! If you have the budget it would be better to pay slightly more dollars for something of greater build quality and longer life.


Picking the least expensive blue ceramic garden stools available can be intriguing. This will save you cash, although you will have to spend more someday. Models in this budget range are neither too highly-priced nor too inexpensive. They are high-quality offerings at good prices.

For example, options such as the “Safavieh Elephant Ceramic Decorative Garden Stool, Robin’s Egg Blue” have various advantages compared to many other patio furniture solutions. It can be one of the most useful investments you can make.

Premium and Luxurious

Generally, these are excellent outdoor furniture pieces with blue color  when it comes to longevity and specifications. Most well-known brands and manufacturers fall within the price range of premium products. Expect prices to be around or over $115 when factors like enchanting aesthetics are incorporated. They are made from impressive craftsmanship and the highest quality materials. In this cost group, you can find a porcelain garden stool which is better than the rest ceramic ones!

Blue ceramic garden stools that provide great value for money

If you wish to invest some money in high-quality products consider our e-shop to buy blue ceramic garden stools. There you will discover our amazing variety. Not satisfied? We highly recommend that you have a quick glance at our guide about garden stools; you’ll love it! See our article about the best outdoor furniture for even more helpful suggestions.

How to discover the finest deals

A reduced price is something that everyone wants to get. We split the patio furniture products into three price ranges according to their cost. There is nearly the same number of products in each cost category. To simplify things for you and help you identify the most suitable bargains we formed this chart.

Cost of blue ceramic garden stools pie chart, blue ceramic garden stool

How to interpret this chart to find great deals

There are three slices and each slice of the graph strongly denotes a pricing category. The larger arc length of a slice affirms the relatively wide variety of pricing for a number of outdoor furniture pieces within that pricing category. And as per the pie chart, the cost category with the high-priced blue ceramic garden stools exhibits the largest cost range.

Offerings within this cost bracket are top-notch and will last for a very long time. Unless you have a hefty budget, stay away from the highest end of the pricing range. On the flip side, it is entirely possible that you will uncover an excellent deal near the range’s lower side. This means it is possible to acquire a good accent furniture piece for slightly less than $109.

Best time to buy a blue ceramic garden stool

If you wish to get the most out of your money, you should consider buying at the right time. Aside from the fact that you can purchase anything at any moment, there are a few weekends and days that are more suitable for making certain purchases. It might have a serious impact on your money account. You will find fantastic deals on blue ceramic garden stools around the following off-season, holidays, or three-day weekends:

  • Between the end of the August sales and Labor Day sales
  • Labor Day Weekend (First Monday in September)
  • Memorial Day sales Weekend
  • Thanksgiving Day sales (November)
  • Independence Day sales (July)
  • At the end of the off-season
  • Columbus Day
  • Presidents’ Day sales
  • Black Friday – Cyber Monday (November)
  • Amazon Prime Day (in July)

That’s thanks to the fact that outdoor furniture manufacturers offer substantial discounts around these times.

How much money should you budget for?

You must consider how much money you intend to spend on a pretty good blue ceramic garden stool. A great place to begin is to plan in advance and set up a budget. Basically, the amount you spend should be dictated by your own needs.

You have more options with a large budget

While it is best to not pick an absolutely inexpensive patio furniture option, you should perhaps keep to a certain budget that is reasonable. However, the higher your budget, the better it will be to guide your selections. If you have a sizable budget, you may reject inappropriate products guilt-free.

What affects the cost of a blue ceramic garden stool?

Costs are influenced by the garden furniture product’s quality and are also based on other important criteria. As we have already mentioned, the variety of prices is considerably influenced by a number of certain attributes. Typically, these considerations may include any combination of the following: features, design and construction, additional accessories, warranties, where you live, size, and many others.

The amount and quality of raw materials used for manufacturing are, for example, other factors that greatly drive up the cost. The higher the raw material cost is, the more expensive the blue ceramic garden stool. Essentially, all of them together dictate if a price is considered cheap or not.

Once more, you must think about all the above factors in order to find the best ceramic garden stool for your needs.

Final word

That’s all we have for the nonce. As you might expect, there are several options available today that can fit everyone’s budget. That being said, the cost of blue ceramic garden stools is related to the quality of the raw material utilized as well as certain other criteria we covered above. For most buyers, the price is an important factor in their choice.

The average price of a blue ceramic garden stool is roughly $100. Besides this, you may buy some decorative outdoor furniture deals that are under $90. We, at Garden Patio Guide, hope that our post has given you a good understanding of the pricing and price ranges.

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