The cost of resin wicker patio conversation sets

The Cost of a Resin Wicker Patio Conversation Set – Is it Worth it?

A nice resin wicker patio conversation set is really a fascinating asset for your front porch. For the majority of us, it is an important part of every balcony or patio And for others, it is merely another piece of furnishing, they think. Regardless of which category you belong to, buying a new one is a significant decision. The average cost of resin wicker patio conversation sets is approximately $1,100. Well, this indicates that they are expensive. However, there are many resin wicker furniture chat sets that are affordable.

Wanting to purchase one could be a big problem. In general, it’s incredibly difficult to identify a nice outdoor wicker furniture setting without spending a fortune. Thank heavens, fear not since it isn’t needed to pay a lot of money. With this guide about costs, we’ll help you shop for the best one for your needs at a great price.

What’s in this article?

What to expect to pay for a decent resin wicker patio conversation set?

Expanding your patio furniture collection with one or more extra items is a smart idea. So, how much should you plan to spend on a brand-new one? A resin wicker patio conversation set nowadays can vary in price between $190 & $1,599 or sometimes more. Numerous characteristics greatly influence prices.

Later in this article, we shall outline these criteria. Aside from that, we will share some shopping methods. We believe that they will assist you to get the top deals. We will also take a look at actual price brackets to analyze how much money you will pay.

Compare the average prices

To help you estimate whether a wicker patio conversation set that has a frame that is made from resin wicker is a wise purchase, you should inspect the next list. Resin wicker patio conversation sets can have prices that range between just a few dozen dollars & just several thousand.

Price points Minimum Price Maximum Price Average Price
Very Low Prices $190 $1,099 $999
Quality that is Affordable $1,099 $1,199 $1,150
Luxurious Quality $1,599 $3,578 $2,700

Low-Priced Models

These are your lower-cost alternative solutions and they’re made from medium-quality materials. In general, these will only last you a few years. On the flip side, they are an interesting option if you will not use them every day.

The “Keter Resin Wicker Patio Furniture Set with Side Table and Outdoor Chairs, Dark Grey” is a good outdoor furniture choice in this price range. It offers many benefits versus many other similar additions. In addition, this is a personal favorite of ours because it is affordable, stylish, and useful.

Quality that is Affordable

Patio furniture items in this budget range are neither expensive nor ridiculously inexpensive. They are pretty high-quality products at decent prices. Expect to discover a product here that is up-to-date with the latest patio décor trends. People will purchase a decent option in this range of price points.


You’re dealing with premium furniture selections in this cost range. As you might think, these are the top resin wicker patio conversation sets in terms of both materials and functionality. The majority of respected, well-known wicker furniture manufacturers and brands are in the price range of costly products. They are built with exceptional technical mastery and the highest quality materials. The average cost might well surpass $2,699 when variables such as unique design are incorporated.

The cost is just right for these resin-wicker patio conversation sets

If you are looking for a place to buy resin wicker patio conversation sets then you will have no difficulty discovering a wonderful range in our e-shop. Not satisfied? We recommend that you check out our guide about how to pick the best garden furniture sets. Read our guide about outdoor furniture for some further useful tips.

What factors affect the cost of a resin wicker patio conversation set?

The level of workmanship and other crucial criteria greatly affect the costs. The truth is that the reasonable price range is extensively affected by a variety of significant factors. These parameters could include whether it is produced by a well-known brand or manufacturer, where you reside, special accessories, features, warranties, design and construction, and many others.

The quality and the total number of plastic resin wicker materials used in production are other factors you cannot ignore that greatly influence the price. The higher the raw material cost is, the more highly-priced the resin wicker patio conversation set. Ultimately, all of them together dictate if pricing is high or low.

All in all, all the above variables must be kept in mind when looking for the best patio conversation set for your needs.

Create a budget

You should evaluate how much money you intend to spend on an awesome resin wicker patio conversation set. Deciding on a budget is often an effective way to start. When you create and stick to a budget, you’ll be less inclined to buy a piece of outdoor furniture simply because you desire it. In other words, you’ll place an order for a resin wicker furniture product that is genuinely necessary for your home.

How to discover the finest bargains

We segmented the products into three price categories according to their cost. Each price category contains a nearly equal number of outdoor furniture products. Virtually everyone is a bargain hunter. We made the chart shown below to help you uncover the ultimate bargains.

The cost of resin wicker patio conversation sets pie chart, resin wicker patio conversation set

Discover amazing deals with the help of the chart

Each slice of this chart shows a cost range and a numerical value. The larger proportion hints that the prices within that cost range vary extensively. As shown by the pie chart, the price category with the luxurious quality resin wicker patio conversation sets seems to have the largest varied cost range.

If you don’t possess a massive budget, dodge the upper end of the pricing range. On the other hand, there is a decent chance that you will find an outstanding deal near the lower part of the range. This suggests it is likely to get a good one for a little less than $2,699. Products within this cost category have the highest quality and are long-lasting.

Best holiday to buy

If you need to get the most bang for your buck, knowing the ideal time to buy is important. Although you can purchase anything throughout this year, a few weekends and days are more appropriate for certain types of purchases. It can have a considerable effect when it comes to your money. As you might expect, you will find the best deals on resin wicker patio conversation sets around the following major holidays or sales periods:

  • Thanksgiving Day sales (Fourth Thursday in November)
  • Amazon Prime Day sales
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day sales Weekend (September)
  • Memorial Day Weekend (Last Monday in May)
  • Black Friday sales Weekend – Cyber Monday (November)
  • At the end of the offseason
  • Presidents Day sales

That’s because wicker furniture brands offer deep discounts around these times.

In sum

What is the cost of resin wicker patio conversation sets? Well, we carried out the research for you, and the truth is that it primarily depends on the quality of the material utilized and some other criteria mentioned above. There are many outdoor furniture  offerings available these days that will fit everyone’s needs. For the majority of buyers, the cost is a huge factor in their final decision. The typical price of a resin wicker patio conversation set on average is just about $1,100.

Still, you may buy quality offers for under $1,000. If you need a chat set for two people then it’s sure that you will find around 200-300 US dollars. It’s essential to bear in mind that the longer you plan to use a garden furniture product, the more critical it is to get the greatest quality available. We, at Garden Patio Guide, hope that this post has given you a clear overview of the pricing and price ranges.

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