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Best Outdoor Wicker Sofas that add style and comfort to any outdoor living space.

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There’s no doubt that wicker patio furniture is extremely popular these days. For many people, the wicker weaving technique of plastic materials that surround the wooden or metal frames of patio furniture is extremely visually appealing. However, because of this popularity there are dozens of different types and your shopping experience can be overwhelming. For instance, when you are searching for outdoor wicker sofas, it can be difficult to find what you want. There are so many options to choose from because they come in many different styles and designs.

We decided to help you with this difficult shopping task. That’s why we designed this carefully selected extensive collection of the best quality outdoor wicker sofas we can find. Luckily, there is a variety of these patio sofas including modern, corner, sectional and outdoor sofa sets and we made a list of our favorites below.

Our recommendation:

AECOJOY 7 Piece Patio PE Rattan Wicker Sectional Sofa Set, Black/Tan

AECOJOY 7 Piece Patio PE Rattan Wicker Sofa Set best outdoor wicker sofas for patio sofa

A fabulous combination of comfortable personality, premium materials, and plenty of space at an excellent price. The wicker sofa features removable and washable cushions and -as an added bonus- it comes with a low height coffee table. It is a sectional sofa set with a distinctly modern feel that you will certainly appreciate and a price that you will love!

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Best Outdoor Wicker Sofas and Sofa Sets

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Popular Outdoor Wicker Sofas

You can shop our complete collection of outdoor wicker sofas here.

What is an outdoor wicker sofa?

An outdoor wicker sofa is a sofa for outdoor use that has a frame made of durable wood or metal such as aluminum or powder coated steel. The frame is surrounded by plastic material such as Rattan PE resin wicker that imitates the look of the wicker woven technique. The result of this is a sturdy, classy and premium outdoor sofa. Do you seek a piece that can be a great addition to your patio or any other outdoor living area? The must-have outdoor wicker sofa is an excellent option for it and will fulfill your desire.

Why choose outdoor wicker sofas

Have you ever wondered how to drink some great coffee or relax comfortably on your front porch while enjoying the fresh air and sunny weather? You may find it easy to have this delightful experience by investing in a functional and impressive outdoor wicker sofa. As the weather gets better, people want to spend quality time on patios, decks, porches or yards.

If you believe that there is nothing better to recharge your batteries than spending a lot of time on your deck, porch or patio, then your plan is to get the best quality pieces of outdoor furniture to improve them and make them more joyful and comfortable. Add a luxurious and practical spark to any patio, deck or porch with our outdoor wicker sofas and make them more attractive.

Seating options and shapes of outdoor wicker sofas and sofa sets

The sofas are available as single pieces of patio furniture or as sets. The single pieces provide comfortable seating for two, three or four people. The outdoor sofa sets feature modular or sectional sets that provide seating for more than four people and include coffee, dining, storage or fire tables, fire pits, chairs, ottomans and more. Whether single or set, there are sofas that are rounded (semicircular, circular or half-moon), rectangular, corner or L-shaped, small, or large, with arm(s) or armless. Our outdoor wicker sofas are amazing pieces of patio & outdoor furniture.

Choose the style of a quality outdoor sofa of wicker technique

Another thing that you could take into consideration when selecting wicker sofas for outdoor use is their style. Even though the style of wicker technique can be great for any outdoor living space, you still have to pay attention to the particular style. Typically, wicker outdoor sofas and sofa sets are available in casual, farmhouse, coastal,  modern and contemporary styles. Wicker sofas and sofa sets have a durable design with a refreshing personality that looks great indoors or outdoors in every season. Take your beloved porch, deck or patio to the next level, with our classy and surprisingly inexpensive outdoor wicker sofas.

The cushions of comfy outdoor wicker sofas

The seat and back cushions of wicker sofas may have various features such as, non-slip, zipped or removable. If you want to invest in high quality outdoor sofas, then look for cushions with Nuvella or Sunbrella fabrics. If you have already chosen cushions, then shop for a wicker outdoor sofa without cushions.

Choose a monochromatic wicker sofa or combine beautiful colors

The wicker plastic materials are available in three popular colors: soft gray, various shades of brown and black. Generally, these colors mix and match with great success with the colors of the cushions that come with wicker outdoor sofas and sofa sets. For instance, you can have a brown wicker sofa with white, or gray cushions, a gray wicker sofa with blue cushions and more.

There are many different options of cushion colors. For example, beautiful colors such as olive green, turquoise, royal, Aegean, navy, denim, and light blue, soft colors like khaki, beige, gray, and bold colors like orange and red.

What else to consider when choosing the best outdoor wicker sofas

Prior to purchasing the best outdoor wicker sofas, it is crucial to know some of the things you will need to take into account. Namely, its weight capacity, the dimensions of your space, its size, initial price and the weight of the sofa or sofa set. Make sure to check our guide about outdoor and patio furniture. a lot of hints and tips that you should take into account before purchasing the best outdoor wicker sofa. Additionally, make sure to read our patio sofa buying guide.

Where to buy a wicker sofa or sofa set for outdoor use?

Garden Patio Guide is one of the websites that sell outdoor sofas, so, if you are looking for where to buy outdoor sofas, then you are in luck! In our shop you will find many wicker options of quality outdoor sofas on sale and some of the most comfortable outdoor sofas online.

In sum

You definitely can’t go wrong with outdoor wicker sofas for your beloved deck or patio. Typically, you should not have any trouble making a decision. Just look at the products we listed above. We decided to design this sizable collection of the premium outdoor sofas that are made with wicker technique that you will really like. As a result, here at Garden Patio Guide you can without doubt find exactly the patio sofas of your dreams without breaking the bank. Make your favorite porch, patio, yard or deck feel comfortable and cozy, with our stylish outdoor wicker sofas.

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