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The Cost of Patio Furniture Sets – Everything You Need to Know

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Outdoor furniture is a big investment for anyone. The average cost of patio furniture sets is nearly $570. Depending on the type, outdoor furniture set prices for two people start somewhere between $50 and $120, with pub and bistro sets at the low end and dining and conversation sets at the high end.

However, prices skyrocket for patio sets for four or more people that are rich in features and built of extraordinary materials. Fear not, because we promise to help you discover the best deals for your needs.

In this cost article:

What is a fair price for a nice patio furniture set?

Expanding your patio collection with a few brand-new items is a smart move. So, what should you be prepared to pay for a nice outdoor furniture set? A new setting will have a price from $40 to $6,454 or perhaps more! A variety of elements control costs.

In the next paragraphs, we’ll mention these parameters. We’ll additionally share average cost ranges to determine how much you could spend. Likewise, we’ll discuss hints and tips that will assist you to get the most bang for your buck.

Patio furniture sets that offer outstanding value for money

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Moreover, we invite you to take a look at our guide on how to choose the best patio furniture sets. For further practical tips see our guide about stylish patio furniture.

Uncover the finest bargains

The staff of Garden Patio Guide produced the chart shown below to make the work easier for you and help you uncover the ultimate offerings. Well, virtually everyone likes a good discount. We separated the products into three ranges of price tags according to their cost and each price group includes a nearly identical number of furniture.

Cost of patio furniture sets pie chart, patio furniture set

How to analyze this pie chart

This pie chart is divided into three different groups. Each slice of the pie graph depicts a price bracket and a value. The higher percentage implies that the prices within that range of price tags vary tremendously. As per the pie chart, the cost group with the premium patio furniture sets must have the largest price range.

Products within this cost category are made from top-quality materials. There is a significant chance that you’ll discover an outstanding offer around the range’s lowest point. Expect to pay around $880 or less. On the flip side, if you don’t possess a huge sum of money, stay away from the highest end of the pricing range.

Best holiday to buy

If you wish to get the most bang for your buck, it’s essential to know the best time to buy. Despite the fact that you can buy anything at any moment, there are several weekends and days that are better for making certain purchases. It might have a considerable impact when it comes to your bank account. As you may have guessed, you will discover most of the top deals on patio furniture sets around the following clearance sales periods, major holidays, or holiday weekends:

  • Presidents Day sales (February)
  • Independence Day – July 4th sales
  • Columbus Day
  • Memorial Day Weekend (Last Monday in May)
  • Labor Day Weekend
  • Between the end of the summer sales and Labor Day Weekend
  • Black Friday Weekend – Cyber Monday (November)
  • At the end of the off-season (end of January)
  • Amazon Prime Day sales (in July)
  • Thanksgiving Day sales

This happens because brands tend to sell off their stock around these times.

Price brackets of patio furniture sets

To help you confirm if an outdoor furniture set is a good option, you should consider the information beneath. These furniture sets have prices that range between just a few dozen bucks & several thousand.

Price points Minimum Price Maximum Price Average Price
Bargain Prices $40 $380 $220
Mid-Range $380 $880 $570
Expensive $900 $7,980 $1,540

Cheap Patio Furniture Sets

It’s probably worthwhile to pay a little more money for greater quality and design if you can afford it. They are normally only useful for a few years if you do not care for them regularly. At this price bracket, you’re basically buying a relatively medium-quality outdoor furniture set for two or four people or an excellent deal!

For instance, models much like the “Flash Furniture Nantucket 6 Piece Brown Patio Garden Set with Umbrella Table and Set of 4 Folding Chairs” offer lots of advantages against many other competing offerings. The set from Flash Furniture brand is very easy to put together, includes a 6.6 Ft umbrella, it’s inexpensive, and is perfect for small spaces. In addition, it is available in four wonderful colors

Mid-Range Options

Here, you will discover an outdoor set that is usually in line with home décor fads. These solutions are neither expensive to buy nor crazy cheap. These are quality options at competitive prices. You will find something of high quality in this price category that can accommodate four or six people.


The great majority of reputable brands and manufacturers are in the category of expensive patio sets. These are, as you might imagine, first-rate patio furniture sets when it comes to features and warranties. A lot of them have a cost of over $1,540 when characteristics such as extendable tables, umbrellas, or outdoor fire pit tables are incorporated. They are crafted from materials of the greatest quality like teak, wrought iron, or aluminum, and have excellent technical proficiency. Typically, they can seat many people comfortably.

Average prices per type

Type Average Price Info
Bistro set $240 The prices of patio bistro sets
Conversation set $650 Cost of outdoor conversation sets
Bar set $400 The average price of patio bar sets
Dining set $870 The cost of patio dining sets

Patio Bistro Sets

These are perfect for small patio spaces, verandas, or balconies. One bistro round table and two bistro chairs make up a classic outdoor bistro set. There are many options for these types of sets including wood and metal finishes. They are ideal if you want a place to sit outside while you read a book, drink coffee, or just enjoy the scenery.

Outdoor Conversation Sets

Patio conversation sets are perfect for relaxing outside and having chats with family or guests. They include comfortable chairs and/or outdoor sofas and couches. Generally, they are great for small gatherings. They are available in many colors, styles, and seat configurations.

Patio Pub Sets

Outdoor bar sets are perfect for outdoor bars and entertaining guests in your backyard, deck, or near your pool. They are great if you want to serve drinks or snacks while sitting out. A furniture set of this type typically features a bar-height table, and barstools or bar-height pub chairs.

Patio Dining Sets

These sets are ideal for any type of outdoor dining space. They feature one outdoor dining table large enough for dinners, as well as patio dining chairs and/or outdoor benches. You can find them in different sizes, materials, and styles. An outdoor dining set comes in both wood and metal finishes.

The breakdown pricing of outdoor patio furniture sets

The asking prices are influenced by the product’s craftsmanship and other criteria. The truth is that the variety of prices is determined by a number of several characteristics. These criteria could include warranties, size, design and construction, features, special accessories, where you reside, and many others.

As a result, all of them together dictate whether a particular product looks inexpensive or pretty expensive. Another crucial factor you cannot ignore that significantly increases the price is the quantity and quality of materials used in production. The higher the material cost is, the more pricey the outdoor furniture set is.

Patio set materials

The materials used in making outdoor furniture sets vary greatly depending on the type and design of the set. However, most manufacturers use wood, metal, and plastic in their products.

Wood such as acacia, eucalyptus, and teak are popular wooden materials due to their durability. Metal like steel, aluminum, and wrought iron are often used in outdoor furniture sets due to their weather-resistant qualities and ease of cleaning.

Plastic is often used in outdoor tables, chairs, and sofas due to its lightweight nature. These are resin, all-weather wicker, PE rattan, and poly lumber plastics.

Seat capacity and size

When shopping for an outdoor patio furniture set, size is one of the first things to consider. You want to make sure that the furniture fits comfortably around your patio area. If you have a small patio space, then you may only need a small outdoor set. However, if you have a larger outdoor space, you may need something larger with more seats.


Outdoor furniture sets come in many different styles. There are traditional styles, modern styles, rustic styles, etc. Generally speaking, the set will cost more the more intricate the design is. For example, you may find that some furniture sets with simple designs, such as modern and rustic, are less expensive than others.


Any other items that come with the set, such as pillows, extra cushions, patio furniture covers, fire tables, umbrellas, etc., are referred to as extras. These accessories increase the set’s price.

Furniture warranty

Warranty is another factor that determines the price of these patio settings. The ones that come with warranties are generally less expensive than those without warranties. For example, many sets that are made from HDPE poly lumber plastics come with multiyear guarantees. A warranty ensures that the manufacturer will repair or replace any defective parts of the garden furniture.

Make a budget

Planning before you buy and selecting a budget is the most efficient method. You must decide the amount you would like to invest in a great-quality patio furniture set. Careful planning aids you in limiting throwing away money.

Once you’ve established your budget, you’ll every time know exactly where the money goes and you will be able to save some if needed. In the end, how much you spend should be based according to your personal preferences.

In summary

As you might think, there are various products available these days within every cost category. So what is the cost of patio furniture sets? We conducted extensive research for you, and the fact is that it completely depends on the quality of the material utilized and certain other factors we covered above. For most consumers, the price is a huge factor in their final choice. The typical price of an outdoor furniture set on average is almost $570.

However, even if your budget is under $380, you may still discover great quality offers, mainly during the off-season. It’s worth remembering that the more you use a product, the more vital it is to get the greatest quality you can afford. That’s all we currently have.

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