Cost of outdoor bar sets with umbrella

The Average Cost of Outdoor Bar Sets with an Umbrella

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The top reason so many people buy an umbrella outdoor bar set is the functionality it offers. It is the ideal solution for multi-purpose patios or other outdoor areas. However, purchasing a new one can be an important decision. The average cost of outdoor bar sets with an umbrella is around $688.

Do not be afraid mostly because it isn’t required to break the bank. With this cost guide, we will help you determine the perfect one for you at a fair cost.

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What to expect to spend on an outdoor bar set with an umbrella?

It is generally a great decision to add some new options to your backyard collections. So, what should you be prepared to pay for a good outdoor patio bar set with an umbrella or a canopy? Well, it can have a cost varying between $599 and $800 or perhaps more. There are plenty of causes that significantly affect the prices. The most obvious is the cost of the canopy that provides the shade.

In the next chapters, we’ll explore these characteristics in detail. Additionally, we’ll mention some money-saving hints and tips. We know that they will help you to get the best deal for your needs. We will also have a look at average product pricing to figure out how much you will spend.

Umbrella outdoor bar sets that offer excellent value for the money

If you’re searching for a store to buy outdoor bar sets with umbrella online please visit our webshop. There you’ll find a great range. Do you want to try something different? We encourage you to have a quick glance at our useful guide for outdoor furniture sets; you are going to love it! For even further tips consult our page about outdoor furniture.

Which factors affect the cost of outdoor bar sets with umbrella?

Costs are primarily influenced by the product’s quality and many other important factors. As we have already mentioned, the reasonable price range is impacted by a combination of several aspects. Generally, these characteristics include any of the following: features, design and construction, warranties, special accessories, size, the location of your house, and many others.

The quality and quantity of raw materials used for manufacturing are, for instance, other important factors that considerably raise the cost. The higher the cost of the raw materials, the more highly-priced the outdoor bar set with an umbrella is. All of them together, determine whether a particular price is considered cheap or not.

Select a price range for your outdoor bar sets with a canopy or an umbrella

These outdoor bar sets will cost you a few hundred dollars. When you want to get a decent deal on a patio bar set with an umbrella, you must always start with the prices. In the below table, we explore the average costs.

Price points Minimum Price Maximum Price Average Price
For Low Budgets $599 $599 $599
Middle Prices $599 $688 $643
Highest Quality $688 $975 $688

At a Bargain

Well, in reality, this isn’t a price range because all the patio bar sets have the same price. If you don’t really need the better features of higher-end selections, you likely find that a solution within this price category is appropriate for you.

An excellent example in this cost group is the “Best of Times Collegiate Patio Bar and Tailgating Center Deluxe Package (Ole Miss)“. This is one of our personal favorites because it is both wonderful and functional.It is durable and very convenient because it is portable.


Products in this price range are neither too highly-priced nor pretty inexpensive. They are reasonably high-quality products at decent costs. In this budget bracket, most consumers can definitely pick a quality deal. Here, you’ll discover something that will match just about every style or occasion.

Premium and Luxurious

Most well-known brands and manufacturers are in the cost range of pricy bar furniture sets. The average cost might rise over $688 when factors like astonishing design are factored in. You are getting into the best quality options at this range of price points. These are, as you might expect, the best outdoor bar sets with a canopy or an umbrella when it comes to materials and warranties.

Create a budget

An excellent place to start is to plan carefully and make a budget. Determine how much you intend to spend on a good patio bar set with an umbrella. Careful planning helps you in limiting spending so much money. Eventually, how much you spend should be defined according to your specific needs.

A hefty budget means more choices

There are many options to please every buyer. You might save a considerable amount of money if you buy outdoor bar sets with umbrellas during the off-season or during sales. Yet, the higher your budget, the easier it will be to guide your selections. With lots of money available, you may pass on unpleasant products without too much regret about your decision.

Discover the ultimate offerings

We divided the products into three price ranges according to their cost. There is approximately the same number of products in each price bracket. There is no secret that nowadays everyone appreciates a reduced price. We made this chart to make it easy for you and help you uncover the most suitable deals.

Cost of outdoor bar sets with umbrella pie chart, outdoor bar set with umbrella

How to analyze this pie chart to discover incredible deals

Each slice of the pie graph strongly illustrates a price range. The higher percentage clearly illustrates the great spectrum of prices among some of the options across this cost group. As shown by the pie chart, the price group with the mid-priced umbrella outdoor bar sets has the broadest cost range.

The vast majority of shoppers wrongfully think that the most outstanding outdoor furniture sets are those that are extremely pricey. Such products provide an effective opportunity to enjoy something noteworthy that’s made from the world’s best materials without having to pay that much money. There is a big possibility that you’ll find a fantastic offer around the midpoint or towards the highest point of this cost bracket.

Best time to buy an outdoor bar set with umbrella

Knowing the right time to buy is crucial if you have a tight budget or you’re just a smart shopper. Regardless of the fact that you may buy anything at any moment, some special weekends and days are ideal for certain types of purchases. It can make a huge difference when it comes to your money. As you can imagine, you will find top deals on outdoor bar sets with an umbrella during the following off-season, holidays, or three-day weekends:

  • Memorial Day Weekend
  • Black Friday sales Weekend
  • Fourth of July
  • Amazon Prime Day sales (July)
  • Presidents’ Day (February)
  • Labor Day Weekend sales (First Monday in September)
  • At the end of the offseason (end of January-February)
  • Thanksgiving Day (November)
  • Between the end of the August sales and Labor Day Weekend
  • Columbus Day (in October)

This is due to the fact that brands tend to liquidate their old stock during these times.

In sum

That said, the cost of patio bar sets with an umbrella can vary greatly based on the quality of the raw material utilized and several other criteria we discussed before. As you might imagine, there are several different options available on the market that can suit everyone’s budget. For the majority of shoppers, the price plays a significant role in their final choice. The typical price on average is almost $688.

Even so, you may get quality offers that cost less than $599. It’s worth keeping in mind that the more you use a product, the more significant it is to get the highest quality you can. We, at Garden Patio Guide, hope that this article has given you a clear understanding of the cost and price ranges. That’s all we’ve got for the moment.

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