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Black Wicker Chairs: Styles, Ideas, and Buying Guide

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Βlack wicker patio furniture is a favored style that is often seen in many outdoor settings. Black wicker chairs are a popular option for most people these days. They can offer a chic aesthetic that is perfect for the outdoors.

In today’s article, we will discuss the different styles of these wicker seats and how you can use them on your patio. Additionally, we will examine the different types of black wicker outdoor chairs, as well as the advantages and disadvantages. Finally, we will provide some shopping tips to help you discover which black rattan chair is best for you, whether it be a rocking, dining, chaise lounge, or egg chair.

Featured Black Wicker Chairs

In our shop you will find our complete hand-picked collection of black wicker outdoor chairs for sale. We’ve put together this awesome list to bring you all of the best ones that you will absolutely love. They are our favorites! Make sure to check the black wicker garden chairs or Jeco black wicker chairs. Hover your mouse over the pictures or click on them to read each product’s review. Black wicker is one of the most popular kinds of outdoor chairs to buy.

Many Advantages of Black Wicker Chairs

Black is a popular choice for wicker outdoor furniture. In our opinion, black is one of the best colors for wicker furniture. It is a classic color for plastic rattan chairs that goes well with any type of garden design.

However, some people wonder whether a black wicker patio chair is really the best choice, Here are some reasons why black is a good choice for outdoor furniture:

  • Black is a simple neutral color that works well with many different styles and works well with any type of outdoor décor.
  • You don’t have to worry about mixing colors or making sure everything matches perfectly.\
  • You can also use it to contrast with other brighter colors.
  • Generally, it doesn’t fade or get dirty as easily as other colors of outdoor furniture.
  • Another benefit of these wicker chairs is that they are also easy to clean.


The main disadvantage of black rattan chairs is that the ones that are made of high-quality synthetic wicker can be really expensive. Another, con of them is their color (!!!). While black is an excellent choice of color for a wicker chair, many people do not like this color for their porch furniture.

They believe that black rattan looks too formal. Moreover, they prefer something more natural looking for their garden or yard like brown or beige. If that is the case then take a look at our buying guide about wicker chair colors.

Styles of Black Rattan Chairs

When choosing a color for your outdoor rattan furniture, it is important to consider what kind of style you want to achieve. Thankfully, black wicker patio furniture chairs can fit with ease in every decor scenario.

Want a sleek design? Get a modern black wicker chair

If you want something that looks modern, then black wicker is a perfect choice. One of the best things about black wicker outdoor furniture is that it looks clean and modern.

Formal or casual? Both!

Black rattan chairs are a great match for any outdoor area and can be used for both formal and informal occasions. They are excellent for formal outdoor settings and look elegant in patio settings with a casual-styled theme.

Black rattan chairs for every outdoor decor

Black wicker chairs offer comfort and style with the durability to last. They are a timeless option, available in a wide variety of styles. From contemporary to traditional, you’ll find the perfect match here.

While black is perfect for formal outdoor furniture when it’s combined with a wicker woven style it becomes a versatile option. Need something more unique? Pick a black and white wicker chair like the Safavieh Outdoor Collection Kendrick Titanium & Sand Chair.

Whether you choose black wicker chairs for your patio dining table, backyard, front porch, or lounge area, they’ll always look classy and sophisticated.

Types of Black Wicker Chairs

There are many types of them on the market. From peacock and black rattan swivel to bistro, stackable, and accent chairs. We made a list of the most important types:

Black Wicker Dining Chairs

If you got an outdoor dining table for alfresco dinners we’ve got chairs for it. A black wicker outdoor dining chair can make a nice contrast to a white table or perfectly match darker colors. Typically, this type of patio seat is ideal for people who want to add a bit of a casual look to their patio dining area.

Black Wicker Rocking Chairs

black wicker rockers are great choices if you want to sit back, rock, and relax. If you need more than one make sure to select a black wicker rocking chair set. This way you will have two black rockers that will match in size and size!

Our Favorite: Black Wicker Egg Chair

Select a rattan hanging chair if you have the budget and need a sleek, fun, and comfy black wicker chair. There are two types on the market: Hanging or with legs. In our shop, you will find models of the black wicker hanging chair type. Why? Because it’s more entertaining!

Black Wicker Chaise Lounge Chairs

Black Wicker furniture is the perfect seating option for many types of homes, from beach houses to homes with coastal-style outdoor settings or pools! Most of these poly rattan chaise lounges feature comfy backrests and cushions in white or vibrant colors. With a black wicker chaise lounge, you feel like you are in a resort and can lounge all day during summer weekends.

Need More than One? Get a Black Wicker Chair Set or a Set With a Table

What is better than a single black rattan chair? A black wicker table and chairs or a set of chairs. There are a lot of reasons why you should buy wicker chair sets. First, they are available at many prices. What’s more, the cost per piece is lower than buying a single seat. Moreover, you get a pair or two pairs of black rattan chairs that have the same style and design.

Black wicker folding chairs

Want to save space or have a small patio space? These are perfect for storing. Typically, the majority of them are black rattan reclining garden chairs. They are very comfortable and very convenient. In our store, you will find an affordable set of two!

Buyers Guide – How to Shop for Black Wicker Chairs

When it comes to patio seating, black wicker has long been considered very popular for outdoor chairs. Most of them have seat cushions and armrests. Egg and chaise lounge do not come with arms of course.

But which particular synthetic black rattan material will really stand up to the elements? How to avoid buying a cheaply made one? Which are the price points? What are the basic considerations when buying black wicker furniture for outdoor use? Read on to find out.

First considerations

  • Set a budget and don’t overspend on a black wicker chair that isn’t worth it. If you don’t mind spending a little extra money, then you should probably get a higher-quality chair.
  • Measure your patio space. For instance, If you live in a small place, then you should probably opt for a compact black rattan chair.
  • Pick a chair that fits your personal preferences and style. Do not purchase one just because it looks nice. Shen shopping for a chair, imagine how it will fit your space better.

Durability of Materials

Durability is a major factor to take into consideration when purchasing a black wicker chair. Black poly rattan chairs are made from many different plastic materials and feature sturdy metal black frames. While all of them are suitable for outdoor use, water resistant, and won’t rot over time, the best ones are made from plastics such as PE/HDPE wicker or all-weather wicker. These will stand up to the harshest outdoor elements and will last for many years.

A Cheap Wicker Chair Might be Expensive in the Long Run

If you do decide to purchase low-quality black wicker furniture, you’ll probably have to replace it sooner than you thought because it will crack easily. However, there are many bargains in our shop. If you want to save money, you can always buy cheap black wicker chairs. Our best advice is that you’ll want to make sure the synthetic material is weatherproof and the metal frame has been treated with a protective coating.

The Price Points of Black Wicker Chairs

You can find many to match any budget. As for August 2022, the starting point for an affordable small black wicker chair in our shop is around $90 which is great for people who have limited budgets. Moreover, you can get a two-piece set for $140 or pick a set of 4 for around $270. The most inexpensive black rattan egg chair costs around $260.

What Else to Consider When Choosing the Best Black Wicker Chairs

Before you select the best black wicker chair, there are some considerations that you should take into account before making the final choice. Specifically, its weight capacity, seat and overall size, and the dimensions of your outdoor space. We propose for your consideration to take a glance at our guide about the best outdoor furniture. We bring up some hints and tips that you should take into account when shopping for your dream black wicker chair. Moreover, take a glance at our buying guide about stylish patio chairs.

Final Considerations

if you’re looking for a black wicker chair that is comfortable, durable, affordable, and stylish, try purchasing one from Garden Patio Guide. They are excellent for decks, gardens & patios because they are weather-resistant. What’s more, they are very easy to decorate with and can be used in a variety of ways.

Where Can You Use Black Wicker Chairs?

The black wicker seats have a classic vibe that is timeless and elegant. In addition, they offer a traditional or modern, elegant look that will help to enhance the beauty of any outdoor living area. They work best on patios, porches, or decks. Fortunately, black wicker chairs will look lovely indoors. Whether you’re designing a comfortable place on your patio or deck or inside your city apartment, a black wicker patio chair would make an exquisite addition.

What is Plastic Wicker Material?

It is a type of woven material that is manufactured from plastics. Synthetic wicker or rattan materials are commonly used in garden or patio furniture. Black plastic rattan chairs have a material that is known as resin wicker or synthetic rattan.

Is PE Wicker the Same as HDPE?

HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) wicker is a type of PE wicker (Polyethylene). Generally, wicker furniture made with HDPE is better. However, many black wicker furniture manufacturers name their HDPE products as rattan PE wicker or resin wicker because Polyethylene acts as an umbrella term for HDPE.

To Sum Up

We hope you enjoyed our guide to black wicker chairs! We’ve created this article to help you to make your shopping experience easier. You definitely can never get wrong by picking a black wicker chair for your precious porch, deck, or patio. Preferably, you can find what you are looking for. Just look at the products available above.

We decided to set up this carefully selected sizable collection of affordable black rattan chairs that you will absolutely love. We’ve included the different styles available, types, pros, cons, and a buying guide hoping that you will be able to find the right one for your home!

One of the best aspects of these fantastic pieces of black patio furniture is that they are not limited to use on the deck or patio. They will look great both outdoors and indoors. If you, like us, spend a lot of time on your patio or any other outdoor space, your objective should be to find the greatest pieces of black patio & outdoor furniture to enhance their appeal and make them more enjoyable. With black wicker chairs, you may create a fantastic environment on your porch or deck and make it more appealing.

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