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The Best fascinating 7 Piece Outdoor Dining Sets for your outdoor living space

When it comes to patio dining, there is a wide variety of 7 piece outdoor dining sets for you to choose from and it can be extremely difficult to find what you really want. However, everyone should know a few things and if you cannot decide which patio dining set is best for your outdoor living areas we can help you. In this article we will talk about their extra features, colors, styles, materials, prices and much more! Do you want to have lunch in your porch or on your patio while enjoying great weather? You may find it easy to have this delightful experience by simply buying an amazing and practical seven-piece outdoor dining set.

We built this list of the absolute best 7 piece outdoor dining sets that you will certainly like. In addition, there are plenty of options, including patio dining sets with fire pit, umbrella hole, round table, counter height chairs and table or cast aluminum and we made a list of our best picks below. Moreover, we included a Buying guide and FAQ.

Our suggestion for tight budgets:

7 Piece Outdoor Dining Sets from Pamapic - Wicker Rattan best affordable patio dining set

This modern 7 piece outdoor dining set from the Pamapic brand includes a rectangle dining table and 6 matching PE rattan chairs. Each wicker chair has a comfortable dark green 2.4″ thick seat cushion. The table has a 2″ hole for an umbrella, adjustable table feet and a nice-looking table top with iron slats. It’s not easy to put together, however, its price might be worth the extra effort for assembly.

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Popular 7 Piece Outdoor Dining Sets

7 piece outdoor dining sets can become one of the most popular option on the deck, porch or patio, nowadays that you ‘ll just love to enjoy. Whether your home has a courtyard, a small screened porch, or wants cozy items of outdoor furniture, a beautiful and functional 7 piece outdoor dining set can be an appealing option. Not only can outdoor dining sets for 6 people look fantastic in any patio, deck, or yard, but they are also capable for adding comfort to your al fresco dining area without sacrificing style. You can shop our complete collection of 7 piece outdoor dining sets here.

7 Piece Outdoor Dining Sets

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7 Piece Outdoor Dining Sets

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7 Piece Outdoor Dining Sets

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7 Piece Outdoor Dining Sets

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7 Piece Outdoor Dining Sets

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7 Piece Outdoor Dining Sets

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About 7 piece outdoor dining sets

Above, we have listed our favorite seven piece outdoor dining sets and some of our top sellers. We tried to include as many different options as possible so you can make the best decision for your patio. Do you seek an affordable option that will look fantastic in your porch, patio, yard or deck? The nice-looking seven piece outdoor dining set is a unique and excellent addition to it.

Typically, these patio sets include a table and six chairs and can seat 6 people comfortably. They have an affordable, yet attractive style with a refreshing personality that is sure to provide enjoyment for many years. Take your beautiful patio or any other outdoor living area to the next level, with these surprisingly affordable seven-piece outdoor dining sets.

Why choose a 7 piece outdoor dining set?

As the weather gets a little hotter, we all seek ways to make it easy to enjoy fresh the air and mild sunshine in our porches, decks or patios. If you truly value your patio, deck, or yard, then your ultimate plan is to find the best pieces of patio & outdoor furniture to transform them into the ultimate relaxation or enjoyment-worthy spaces. These patio furniture sets include six chairs and a matching table and can comfortably seat up to six guests.

If you want to eat dinner with your big family or want to host guests, then you need a patio dining set with enough seats. One of the main reasons you are more likely to enjoy your dinner with family and guests while enjoying the sunny weather and fresh air is because you already have a good patio dining set. In case you don’t, we’ve got your back. Our outdoor dining sets for six people are fabulous pieces of patio & outdoor furniture.

Where can you use an outdoor dining set for 6 people?

Whether you are enjoying dinner with family or friends, or planning large family gatherings, these patio dining sets can blend well in every outdoor living area. A big advantage of these dining sets is that you can use them indoors as well. Bring a gorgeous and functional quality to any porch or deck with our seven piece outdoor dining sets and make them beautiful at the same time.

The colors of 7 piece outdoor dining sets

You can find dining sets for 6 people in many different colors. The most popular ones are subtle colors of gray, white and black. Usually, the material of these dining sets dictates the color of their finishes. For example, the majority of brown, dark or light brown, soft beige and gray dining sets are made of wood. On the flip side, many metal outdoor dining sets for 6 have black or a “bronze” – “antique” color.

Popular shapes and styles

These dining sets feature dining tables that have round, oval, square and rectangular shapes. Typically, round tables can be ideal for smaller spaces and rectangle tables are better for bigger and more open areas. As for their styles and designs, there is a huge variety of styles of patio dining table sets for 6 people. From wicker, garden, traditional, classic, European, farmhouse to modern or contemporary, you are sure to find something in our shop that will be ideal for your outdoor spaces.

7 piece outdoor dining sets with quility materials

Do you want to create a farmhouse welcoming and warm patio dining area? If you do, then go for a wooden outdoor dining set. If you have the budget, our suggestion is to choose a teak outdoor dining set. Generally, teak is the best material for outdoor dining sets. On the flip side, if you are on a tight budget, then an outdoor dining set made of acacia wood is a great affordable option.

For a more classic or industrial look, choose a metal outdoor dining set. Metal such as aluminum, cast aluminum, iron and steel are used to make these gorgeous metal dining sets. In our opinion, choosing a 7 piece cast aluminum outdoor dining set is the best bang for your buck.

If you need to add a more modern or contemporary charm to your area, then choose a plastic outdoor dining set. Generally, good quality plastics like rattan PE or wicker PE are great for patio furniture. If you belong to the people that don’t have budgeting issues, then a HDPE plastic material like Polywood or Poly lumber should be your best choice.

The extra features of 7 piece outdoor dining sets

If you are unsure about how many people you are going to host for dining and have spare chairs, then look for 7 piece dining sets that are extendable, meaning that they have tables that can be expanded. In addition, for an “elevated” dining experience go for a counter height patio dining set. Another helpful feature is the umbrella hole. Thankfully, the majority of these dining sets for outdoor use feature a table that has an umbrella hole. An umbrella can provide shade and help you avoid the harmful effects of the UV rays.

On the flip side, a seven piece outdoor dining set with fire pit or fire table is an exciting option for dining outdoors during the evening or night. Last but not least, these sets come with matching chairs. These chairs are simple dining chairs that have many different styles, bar stools, counter height, folding, sling or fun and convenient swivel chairs and rockers. Some chairs have arms, upholstery or come with seat and back cushions.

Their price points

To continue on price points, the starting point is around 500 US dollars and goes way up from there. High quality materials, the type of the six chairs and any extra features will add to the price. For instance, a patio dining set for 6 people with a fire pit table and six swivel chairs costs around $3000. Nonetheless, investing 900 to 1300 US dollars will get you a seven piece outdoor dining set that will be a great fit with most design schemes.

What else to consider when choosing the best outdoor dining sets for 6 people

Before you purchase the best patio dining set for 6 for your needs, it is very important to know some of the details you will need to take into account. For example, its weight capacity, your space’s size, its initial price, weight and dimensions. We suggest for your consideration to take a look at our guide about outdoor furniture. We mention many important pieces of information that you should think carefully about before purchasing your dream 7 piece outdoor dining set. Moreover, if you want to learn more about their materials etc., then take a look at our helpful buying guide about patio dining sets.

Where to buy outdoor dining sets for 6 people

Now that you learned about where to use them, their available colors, styles, shapes, different materials, extra features and their prices, it is time to find out where to buy patio dining sets. If you are going to buy from online stores then you can check our wide collection. Garden Patio Guide is one of the websites that has outdoor dining sets on sale for every need and budget.

In summary

You can never go wrong with 7 piece outdoor dining sets for your favorite outdoor living area. Additionally, you can discover what you are looking for with the products available above. We decided to create this carefully selected collection of the extraordinary patio dining sets for six people that you will just love! That’s why, here at Garden Patio Guide you can certainly shop for the quality and affordable outdoor dining sets you need without trouble. Make your beloved patio, deck, porch or yard feel comfortable and cozy, with our surprisingly inexpensive 7 piece outdoor dining sets.

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