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3 Piece Bistro Sets for your patio

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During Spring or Summer people seek ways to spend more time in their patios, deck or porches. As a result, they seek for comfy and affordable pieces of patio furniture. The 3 piece bistro sets are the most inexpensive outdoor furniture sets on the market and for this reason they are extremely popular.

We put together a big collection of the affordable 3 piece bistro sets that you will certainly like. Moreover, there is a wide variety of bistro sets for two people and we curated a list of our best picks below.

Our 3 piece bistro set recommendation for tight budgets:

Alpine Corporation 3 Piece Bistro Set, Blue

3 Piece Bistro Sets Alpine Corporation Bistro Set, Table, Blue best budget outdoor 3 Piece Bistro Set

This solid Alpine bistro set has a wonderful blue color and it costs under $100. All three pieces of the bistro set are made of steel, are foldable and very easy to clean! It is a charming 3 pcs bistro set that can be used with success outdoors or indoors.

The blue three piece bistro set has a beautiful stenciled floral design and pieces with compact, yet comfy shapes. Its table is round and has a diameter of 24 inches. The two folding chairs have the classic “French” style and each one can hold up over 260 lbs. with comfort. Generally, it is a great furniture set, that has an excellent price for what it offers. Moreover, it comes with a one-year warranty.

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The Best 3 Piece Bistro Sets

Want to have a great breakfast on your porch while enjoying the sunny weather? You may find it easy to have this delightful experience by simply purchasing a functional and beautiful 3 Piece Bistro Set. Discover our complete collection of 3 piece bistro sets here.

About 3 piece bistro sets

Do you seek a set that will be an excellent addition to your outdoor living area? The nice-looking three piece bistro set is the ideal choice and will fulfill your fantasy. These bistro sets are the most common. They feature a wonderful table and two comfortable chairs. They have an exquisite and functional design with a timeless personality that is sure to provide enjoyment for many years. Take your beautiful yard or patio to the next level, with the affordable and stylish 3 piece bistro sets.

Why choose a 3 piece bistro set?

As the weather gets warmer, people start to spend more time in yards, decks, porches or patios. If you truly enjoy your patio, deck or porch, then your ultimate goal is to get the finest pieces of patio furniture to metamorphose them into the ultimate relaxation or enjoyment-worthy spaces. Give an impressive and functional feel to your yard or patio with 3 Piece Bistro Sets and make them more beautiful.

Beautiful colors and durable materials

They are available in many colors such as black, white, gray, beige, red, blue and yellow. In addition, they are made of excellent materials for outdoor use like PE or HDPE plastics, acacia or teak wood, powder-coated steel, rust-resistant aluminum, cast or wrought iron metal alloys.

The popular designs and styles of 3 piece bistro sets

When it comes to the design or style of these bistro sets, there are no limits. Wicker, vintage and modern three piece bistro sets are the most popular ones. In addition, in our shop you will find 3 piece bistro sets with sleek mid century modern, rustic, farmhouse, nautical, French and many more elegant styles. Our 3 piece bistro sets are truly elegant pieces of outdoor & patio furniture.

Common table shapes and chair types

These bistro sets have all kinds of table shapes. For instance, you will find three piece bistro sets with rectangular, square, oval and round tables. Generally, the tables have the same design of the rest of the bistro set, or have tabletops with glass or slatted design.

As for their seating options, these sets include swivel, traditional bistro, Acapulco, Adirondack or bar height chairs with arms or armless. The majority of them don’t include any seat cushions.

Many of them are foldable and /or compact bistro sets which are best for narrow or small outdoor areas such as balconies or apartment patios.

What else to consider when choosing the best 3 piece bistro sets

Before buying the best 3 piece bistro set, it is critical to know some of the details you will need to bear in mind. Such as, the initial price, the dimensions of your space, the table and chair weight capacity, their weight and their dimensions. We suggest you to take a glance at our guide about patio furniture. We cite some useful suggestions that you should take into account before investing in your next 3 piece bistro set.

In summary

You truly can not make a mistake by getting a three-piece bistro set for your beautiful patio, deck, porch or yard. Moreover, you can find what you are looking for. Just look at the products available above. We build a lovely collection of the top-rated 3 piece bistro sets that you will love. For this reason, the Garden Patio Guide is the place where you can definitely select the perfect bistro sets you are looking for without struggling. Make your precious deck, yard, patio or porch feel comfortable and cozy, with our surprisingly affordable 3 piece bistro sets.

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